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The Cimarron Strip TV show was a 90 minute western action series that aired on CBS for 23 episodes during the 1967-68 season. It was about a U.S. Marshall who was responsible for patrolling an area between the Kansas Territory and Indian lands during the 1880s.

Cimarron Strip Cast

Stuart Whitman .... Marshall Jim Crown
Percy Herbert .... Mac Gregor
Randy Boone .... Francis Wilde
Jill Townsend .... Culcey Coopersmith

Cimarron Strip Trivia

CBS developed The Cimarron Strip in response to the huge success of, "The Virginian (1962)", a TV show beginning its sixth season on NBC. Both shows used the same unusual 90 minute format and featured well-known actors and actresses in major roles as guest stars.

While puny by today's standards, the Cimarron Strip TV show had a much larger budget than most series in the 1960s ($250,000 per episode). This was sufficient to produce the 90 minute episodes at near theatrical quality and also provided for hiring many huge stars of the day. Cimarron Strip guest stars included Richard Boone, Joseph Cotton, Broderick Crawford, Warren Oates, Suzanne Pleshette, and Telly Savalas!

The Cimarron Strip plotlines left nothing to be desired either. Subjects including Indian uprisings, deadly gunfights, evil outlaws, speedy pursuits on horseback, and saloon fights. And in every episode, good won out over evil and justice was done!

Stuart Whitman won 32 fights as a light-heavyweight boxer while in the Army. He was nominated for an Academy Award in the 1961 movie, "The Mark" for his role as a child molester. While his career peaked in the mid-1960s, he continued acting regularly and by the late 1990s due mostly to wise financial investments, had accumulated a fortune exceeding $100 million!

The area that Marshall Jim Crown was responsible for patrolling was ten million acres in size! It contained mountains, valleys, desserts, towns, and Indian camps.

The announcer on the Cimarron Strip TV show, "Dick Tufeld", also provided the voice for the robot on the series, "Lost In Space (1965)".

The jailhouse in Cimarron was in a building that also held the town's saloon, restaurant, and the "Wayfarers Inn" boarding house.

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