Brothers Cast

Series Description

The Brothers TV show was a 30 minute comedy series on Showtime about a former profession football player name Joe Waters who opened a restaurant. He and his older brother Lou discover that their third and youngest brother Cliff is gay. The comedy situations revolve around the two older brothers sometimes trying to accept his homosexuality and sometimes attempting to convert him to heterosexuality.

Brothers Cast

Philip Charles MacKenzie .... Donald Maulpey
Brandon Maggart .... Lou Waters
Robert Walden .... Joe Waters
Paul Regina .... Cliff Waters
Hallie Todd .... Penny Waters
Robin Riker .... Kelly Hall
Mary Ann Pascal .... Sam Waters

Brothers Trivia

Like some other actors, Philip Charles MacKenzie got to try his hand at directing after becoming the star of a hit TV series. Unlike many of the other actors, Philip apparently did very well in the director's chair. He went on to direct numerous episodes of other hit series including "Roseanne", "Frasier", and "According to Jim"!

There was one episode of the Brothers TV show that was produced but never aired. It's title was "I Remember But I Don't Like It".

The two older brothers discovered that their younger brother was gay when he left his bride at the altar and had to explain why he couldn't bring himself to marry her.

The series was nominated for nine cable TV Ace Awards, three in 1985, five in 1987 and one in 1988. Philip Charles MacKenzie won one of those in 1985 for "Best Actor in a Comedy Series".

One of the episodes actually dealt with one of Joe's old football team members admitting that he also was gay and was HIV positive. That was back at a time when most people had never knowingly met a gay person and thought that AIDS could be caught just by being in the same room as someone who was HIV positive. It was one of the first times that a TV show made the effort to dispell some of the fear of contact with those inflicted with AIDS.

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