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Ally McBeal Cast

Series Description

Ally McBeal was a 60 minute comedy series on the FOX Network about a trial lawyer named Ally McBeal who demonstrated total poise and professionalism in court while being totally irrational in her private life.

Ally McBeal Cast

Calista Flockhart .... Ally McBeal
Gil Bellows .... Billy Alan Thomas
Greg Germann .... Richard Fish
Peter MacNicol .... John Cage
Jane Krakowski .... Elaine Vassal
Courtney Thorne-Smith .... Georgia Thomas
Lisa Nicole Carson .... Renee Radick

Ally McBeal Theme Song

Title: "I've Been Searching My Soul"

By: "Vonda Shepard"

I've been down this road,
Walking the line that's painted by pride,
And i have made mistakes in my life that i just can't hide.

But I believe I'm ready,
For what love has to bring,
I've got myself together,
Now i'm ready to sing.

I've been searching my soul tonight.
I know there's so much more to life.
Now I know I can shine a light,
to find my way back home.

Oh Yeah.

Ally McBeal Trivia:

Ally McBeal was an attorney at a prestigious legal firm named "Cage/Fish & Associates" and located in Boston, Massachusetts. In addition to singing Ally McBeal's theme song, Vonda Shepard also provided her voice throughout the episodes and she was also the main performer at the bar where Ally's law firm co-workers hung out.

Lucy Liu's very first time on television was on an episode of the Beverly Hills 90210 TV show on the sixth episode of the second season.

The Ally McBeal TV show won one Emmy and got nominated for another eight in 1998. It got three more wins and 10 nominations in 1999 and one more win and two more nominations in 2000!

Actor Gil Bellows played "William Thomas" on the Ally McBeal TV show and portrayed a character named "Thomas Williams" in the theatrical film, "The Shawshank Redemption.

The creator of the Ally McBeal TV show, "David Kelly", tried to get Bridget Fonda to join the cast as Ally McBeal but she declined in order to stay concentrated on her movie career.

Most actors' careers start with some bit parts in a movie or on TV or on a Soap Opera. Peter MacNicol, however, got a main role in the 1981 movie, "Dragonslayer" as his first job! He then got another the following year in "Sophie's Choice!

The Ally McBeal TV show had some fairly formidable competition in its premiere time slot from 9:00 to 10:00PM on FOX. ABC was airing the first hour of "Monday Night Football", CBS ran "Cybill" and "George and Leo", NBC: "Caroline in the City" and "Naked Truth", the WB: "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"!

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