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The Naked Truth

The Naked Truth Cast


The Naked Truth TV show was a 30 minute comedy series on ABC for the first season and then on NBC for the final two seasons.

The Naked Truth Cast

George Wendt ....................... Les Polonsky
Tea Leoni .......................... Nora Wilde
Holland Taylor ..................... Camilla Dane
Chris Elliott ...................... Bradley Crosby
Darryl Sivad/David Naughton ........ T.J.
Jonathan Penner .................... Nick Columbus
Jack Blessing ...................... Mr. Donner
Mark Roberts ....................... Dave Fontaine
Wendie Jo Sperber .................. Peaches

The Naked Truth Trivia


There were seven episodes of The Naked Truth TV show that were produced but were not broadcast. Their titles were: "Muddy For Nothing"; "Born To Be Wilde"; "The Seer And The Sucker"; "Can't We All Just Get Along?"; "Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice, Except With Different Names"; "Jake Or Fake?"; and "Up, Up, And Away".

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First Season

  1. The Naked Truth (9/13/1995)
  2. Bald Star In Hot Oil Fest! (9/20/1995)
  3. Elvis Is Coming! (9/27/1995)
  4. Woman Jokes While Husband Croaks! (10/4/1995)
  5. Sex-Crazed Sitcom Zombie Gropes Shutterbug In Midnight Morgue Orgy! (10/18/1995)
  6. Hero Pig Goes Hog Wild! (11/1/1995)
  7. Real Life Henry Higgins Turns Dork Into Duke! (11/8/1995)
  8. Star And Comet Collide! Giant Bugs Invade! (11/15/1995)
  9. Girl Buys Soup While Woman Weds Ape! (11/29/1995)
  10. Woman Weds Siamese Twins! (12/6/1995)
  11. Comet Nails Star And Vice Versa! (12/13/1995)
  12. Sewer Gators, Swordplay, Santa From Hell! (12/20/1995)
  13. Shocking Tales Of Hollywood Gunplay! (1/3/1996)
  14. Woman Loses Space Alien, Finds God! (1/10/1996)
  15. Man Wakes Up With Stranger In Pants! (1/17/1996)
  16. The Bubble Show (1/31/1996)
  17. Women Rises In World, Falls On Face! (2/7/1996)
  18. Sisters In Sex Triangle With Gazillionaire! (2/14/1996)
  19. Man Loses Load While Woman Can't Dump! (2/21/1996)
  20. Hollywood Honors Male Prostitute! (2/28/1996)

The Second Season

  1. We're At NBC Now (1/16/1997)
  2. Woman Gets Plastered, Star Gets Even (1/23/1997)
  3. Itching For A Cat (1/30/1997)
  4. The Sister Show (2/6/1997)
  5. A Year In The Life (2/13/1997)
  6. The Dating Game (2/20/1997)
  7. Comet Lands In Man's Garage (2/27/1997)
  8. The Scoop (3/14/1997)
  9. The Birds (3/21/1997)
  10. The Debt (3/28/1997)
  11. The Parents (4/3/1997)
  12. The Spa (4/3/1997)
  13. The Source (5/14/1997)

The Third Season

  1. Things Change (9/22/1997)
  2. Her Girl Friday (9/29/1997)
  3. Bully For Dave (10/6/1997)
  4. Liesl Weapon (10/13/1997)
  5. Bridesface Revisited (10/20/1997)
  6. We Almost Had Paris (11/10/1997)
  7. Look At Me! Look At Me! (11/17/1997)
  8. Going Mein Way (11/24/1997)
  9. He Ain't Famous, He's My Brother (12/8/1997)
  10. The Unsinkable Nora Wilde (12/15/1997)
  11. Hooked On Heroine (1/28/1998)
  12. Women On The Verge Of A Rhytidectomy (2/2/1998)
  13. 8 1/2 (2/9/1998)
  14. The Neighbor Of Bath (3/9/1998)
  15. The Day Of The Locos (5/25/1998)

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