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Joanie Loves Chachi

Joanie Loves Chachi Cast

Series Description

The Joanie Loves Chachi TV show was a comedy series and a "spin-off" from the series, "Happy Days". Chachi, his girlfriend Joannie, his mother and step-father moved from Milwaukee to Chicago so that Joannie and Chachi could purse a singing career.


Scott Baio ................ Chachi Arcola
Erin Moran ................ Joanie Cunningham
Al Molinaro ............... Al Delvecchio
Ellen Travolta ............ Louisa Delvecchio
Art Metrano ............... Uncle Rico
Robert Pierce ............. Bingo
Derrel Maury .............. Mario
Winifred Freedman ......... Annette



Scott Baio and Erin Moran sang several songs on each episode.

Due to the short time that this series lasted and the fact that "Happy Days" was still on the air, several of the characters simply moved back to Milwaukee and reappeared on "Happy Days" for its final season.

In 1987, Al Molinaro and Anson Williams (who worked together on, "Happy Days") went into business together, opening a chain of diners, in the midwest named, "Big Al's".

Scott Baio was inducted into "The Man Show Hall of Fame" due to his dating of women such as Pamela Anderson, Nicole Eggert, Erika Eleniak, Heather Locklear, Natalie Raitano, Nicolette Sheridan, and Brooke Shields. Scott made big news in 1997 when it was falsely reported that he had been killed in a car crash when he had not even been in an accident.

Erin Moran has five brothers and sisters. Her first paid acting job was in a TV commercial. Her first regular cast member role was on the 1966 TV show, "Daktari". Due to her extreme popularity during her time on "Happy Days" and "Joanie Loves Chachi", she also guest-starred on numerous other TV series and also appeared in several movies.

Ellen Travolta played her role as Scott Baio's mother on the TV shows: "Happy Days", "Joanie Loves Chachi", and "Charles in Charge". Ellen is John Travolta's sister.

Theme Song

Title: "You Look At Me"

Written By: "Pamela Phillips" & "James P. Dunne"

Performed By: "Scott Baio" & "Erin Moran"

Something magic in the way you hold me in your eyes
No one ever warned me love just takes you by surprise
I don't know what's come over me, you've got my hypnotized
when you look at me.

You look at me, soft as any touch could be
And suddenly, there's magic when you look at me
I feel like I'm in heaven every moment when
You look at me

You look at me, and suddenly I'm captured in your eyes
You look at me

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. Chicago - Part 2 (3/23/1982) (Part 1 Aired on Happy Days episode "Love And Marriage")
  2. The Performance (3/30/1982)
  3. I Do, I Don't, I Do (4/6/1982)
  4. College Days (4/13/1982)

Season 2

  1. Fonzie's Visit (9/30/1982)
  2. Joanie's Roommate (10/14/1982)
  3. One-On-One (10/21/1982)
  4. No Nudes Is Good Nudes (10/28/1982)
  5. Everybody Loves Aunt Vanessa (11/4/1982)
  6. Beatlemania (11/11/1982)
  7. Best Foot Forward (11/18/1982)
  8. Goodbye Delvecchio's, Hello World (11/25/1982)
  9. Term Paper (12/2/1982)
  10. My Dinner With Chachi (12/9/1982)
  11. Christmas Show (12/16/1982)
  12. First Love, Last Love (5/17/1983)
  13. The Elopement (5/24/1983)

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