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The Flash TV Show

The Flash TV Show

Series Description

The Flash TV show is a 60 minute fantasy sci-fi series on the CW about a scientist named Barry Allen who is transformed into a superhero that can move at astounding speeds after being exposed to a mixture of chemicals and a lightning bolt in a laboratory accident. Unfortunately, Barry is not the only one with super powers and many of the others decide to use their powers for evil purposes. It's up to "The Flash" to protect us mere mortals from the villains.

The Flash Cast

Grant Gustin .... Barry Allen
Candice Patton .... Iris West
Jesse L. Martin .... Detective West
Carlos Valdes .... Cisco Ramon
Rick Cosnett .... Eddie Thawne
Danielle Panabaker .... Caitlin Snow
Tom Cavanagh .... Harrison Wells
Michelle Harrison .... Nora Allen

The Flash Trivia

The lab accident that gave Barry Allen his super speed first landed him in a coma for nine months!

The Flash TV show is based on the DC comic book character and is a spinoff of the "Arrow TV show". Barry Allen appeared in the eighth episode of that series second season titled, "The Scientist".

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