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Arrow TV Show

Arrow Cast

Series Description


Arrow is a 60 minute action series on the CW about a billionaire playboy who found himself shipwrecked on a deserted island in the Pacific ocean for five years. He had to learn numerous new skills to survive, including how to expertly use a bow and arrow. When he's finally "rescued" and he returns to Starling City, he decides to not return to his frivolous, playboy ways. Instead he pledges to fight crime in Starling City and right any other wrongs he finds in society. He does that under his secret identity known as "Arrow" but the same time, like most heroic crime fighters, he must endeavor to hide his secret identity so that he can also maintain a normal life as Oliver Queen when he's not going after the bad guys.

Arrow Cast

Stephen Amell ........ Oliver Queen
Colin Donnell ........ Tommy Merlyn
Katie Cassidy ........ Laurel Lance
David Ramsey ......... John Diggle
Willa Holland ........ Thea Queen
Paul Blackthorne ..... Detective Quentin Lance
Susanna Thompson ..... Moira Queen Steele
Emily Bett Rickards .. Felicity Smoak

Arrow Trivia

This series' main character is based on the long-standing DC comics character, "The Green Arrow" who was seen first in 1941 in volume #73 of "More Fun Comics". Until the mid 1960s, The Green Arrow was not a major superhero character. Then he became more popular, especially when he teamed up in 1970 with another DC comic character, "The Green Lantern" and as a member of the "Justice League of America". During the 2000s the character was featured in numerous animated TV series and movies. In 2006 fans were thrilled when The Green Arrow joined the lineup as an unanimated character on the TV series, "Smallville".

In order to promote this series, DC Comics came up with a ten page preview of the series in comic format and distributed it at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con convention.

Arrow was the CW's top rated series in its first season!

Grant Gustin as Barry Allen appeared in Arrow's second season episode titled, "The Scientist". That role generated a spinoff series titled, "The Flash" which premiered the very next season!

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