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Dear John

Dear John Cast

Series Description

The Dear John TV show was a 30 minute comedy series on NBC about John Lacey, a high school teacher who joined a divorced and widowed persons support group after his wife abruptly left him. The group contained a bunch of wacky members including the overly positive and over-sexed Louise who was also the group leader, the insufferable womanizer Kirk, the timid and overtly shy Ralph, the retiree Mrs. Philbert who can't shut up, and the gorgeous but innocent Kate.

Dear John Cast

Judd Hirsch ............ John Lacey
Isabella Hofmann ....... Kate McCarron
Jane Carr .............. Louise Mercer
Jere Burns ............. Kirk Morris
Billie Bird ............ Mrs. Margie Philbert
Harry Groener .......... Ralph Drang (Seasons 1-3)
Susan Walters .......... Mary Beth Sutton (Seasons 3,4)

Dear John Trivia


Dear John was based on a British sitcom of the same name. The U.S. version was also broadcast in the United Kingdom after being retitled, "Dear John USA".

There were eight episodes of Dear John that were produced but were not broadcast due to early cancellation of the series. Their titles were: "Who's Who", "Poor John - Part 1", "Poor John - Part 2", "The Write Stuff", "Heartburn and Heartache", "Adult Education", "Freddy's Back", and "The Nightmare Continues".

Dear John won an Emmy, a Golden Globe, and an ASCAP Film and Television Music Award. It was also nominated for another Golden Globe in the "Best Performance in a TV Series - Comedy or Musical" category but Judd Hirsch lost that one to "Ted Danson" for his performance on "Cheers".

The series title, "Dear John" refers to the "letter" his wife Wendy left for him when she took off with their son and her new love interest who just happened to be John's best friend! Wow, that's gotta hurt! As if that's not bad enough, Wendy got virtually all of their assets in the divorce too, leaving poor John alone in a small apartment in Queens!

The support group that John belonged to was called, "The One Two One Club" and was located in "Rego Park, Queens".

Judd Hirsch is probably better known for his role as "Alex Reiger" on the series, "Taxi". At the time of this writing, Judd is starring on the series, "Numb3rs" which is about a math genius who helps his F.B.I. agent brother solve crimes using statistical analysis. Judd plays the father of the brothers, "Alan Eppes".

During its four years on the air, Dear John's time slot was changed a whopping ten times! It's amazing that the series lasted four seasons with that many changes!

At one point, in the beginning of 1990, Dear John followed the series, "Night Court" on Wednesday nights. During that time, Jere Burns (who played Kirk Morris on Dear John) and John Larroquette (who played the obnoxious Lawyer Dan Feilding on Night Court) appeared together on a network promo for both series.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First Season

  1. Pilot Episode (10/6/1988)
  2. Ralph's Curse (10/27/1988)
  3. Hello/Goodbye (11/3/1988)
  4. The Younger Girl (11/10/1988)
  5. Matthew's Dilemma (11/17/1988)
  6. Dear Mike (11/24/1988)
  7. Politics as Usual (12/1/1988)
  8. Dancing in the Dark (12/15/1988)
  9. Was It Good for Me? (1/5/1989)
  10. Honest John (1/12/1989)
  11. The Return of Ricky (1/19/1989)
  12. Dream Babe (1/26/1989)
  13. Stand by Your Man (2/16/1989)
  14. Love and Marriage (2/23/1989)
  15. For a Friend (3/2/1989)
  16. The Second Time Around (3/9/1989)
  17. The Last Dance (3/16/1989)
  18. Sisters (3/30/1989)
  19. Gone Camping (4/6/1989)
  20. Margo (4/27/1989)
  21. Friends and Lovers (5/4/1989)
  22. Bound for Gloria (5/11/1989)

The Second Season

  1. A New Leash on Life (9/28/1989)
  2. The Other Group (10/12/1989)
  3. Ralph's Second Chance (10/19/1989)
  4. John's Blind Date (11/2/1989)
  5. The Secret of Success (11/9/1989)
  6. The British Are Coming (11/16/1989)
  7. Something on the Side (aka Mike's Other Girl) (11/23/1989)
  8. Fathers Know Best (11/30/1989)
  9. The Dilemma with Emma (12/7/1989)
  10. Kate, a Date & Fate (12/21/1989)
  11. Honolulu Baby (1/4/1990)
  12. Breaking Up Is Hard to Do (1/11/1990)
  13. Kirk's Problem (1/17/1990)
  14. John's Friend (1/24/1990)
  15. Unwelcome to the Club (2/7/1990)
  16. Some Nights to Remember (2/12/1990)
  17. John's New Job - Part 1 (2/14/1990)
  18. John's New Job - Part 2 (2/21/1990)
  19. Babyface (2/28/1990)
  20. John's Night Out (3/8/1990)
  21. True Confessions (3/14/1990)
  22. To John with Love (5/2/1990)
  23. Aunt Red (5/9/1990)
  24. No More Mr. Nice Guy (5/16/1990)

The Third Season

  1. Pretty Man (9/19/1990)
  2. And Baby Makes Four - Part 1 (9/26/1990)
  3. And Baby Makes Four - Part 2 (10/3/1990)
  4. A Priest's Story (10/10/1990)
  5. That's Big of Me (10/24/1990)
  6. Hot Lips Lacey (10/31/1990)
  7. Hole in One (11/7/1990)
  8. The Blunder Years (11/14/1990)
  9. Down and Out in Rego Park (11/28/1990)
  10. Homeward Bound (12/12/1990)
  11. Matter of Trust - Part 1 (12/19/1990)
  12. Matter of Trust - Part 2 (12/19/1990)
  13. Molly and Me (1/5/1991)
  14. Love Stories - Part 1 (1/19/1991)
  15. Love Stories - Part 2 (1/26/1991)
  16. Love Stories - Part 3 (2/2/1991)
  17. John and Kirk's Excellent Adventure (2/9/1991)
  18. The Poet - Part 1 (2/16/1991)
  19. The Poet - Part 2 (3/2/1991)
  20. Louise, the Hero (3/13/1991)
  21. Matthew and the Baby (3/20/1991)
  22. John's Week Off (5/1/1991)

The Fourth Season

  1. Brothers (9/19/1991)
  2. Kirk's Ex-wife (9/20/1991)
  3. Kate's Cop (9/27/1991)
  4. Whose Soap Opera Is It Anyway? (10/4/1991)
  5. Hello, Annie (10/25/1991)
  6. Lust & Death (11/8/1991)
  7. The Bachelor Shower (11/15/1991)
  8. I Do, Baby - Part 1 (12/13/1991)
  9. I Do, Baby - Part 2 (12/13/1991)
  10. Once I Had a Secret Love (12/20/1991)
  11. 'Twas the Fight Before Christmas (12/27/1991)
  12. Do the Wrong Thing (1/3/1992)
  13. The Big Payday (4/1/1992)
  14. John's Divided Heart (4/15/1992)

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