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Captain Nice

Captain Nice Cast
Series Description

The Captain Nice TV show was a 30 minute superhero/comedy series on NBC about a chemist who worked for the police department. He discovered a serum that gave him super powers! He wasn't exactly the ideal superhero though. He was a mommy's boy and very shy. Despite his power of flight, he was very aftraid of heights. Somehow, he still managed to bring in the bad guys.

Captain Nice Cast

William Daniels ............ Carter Nash / Captain Nice
Alice Ghostley ............. Mrs. Nash
Ann Prentiss ............... Sergeant Candy Kane
William Zuckert ............ Chief Segal
Liam Dunn .................. Mayor Finney
Sabrina Scharf ............. Miss Schneider
Byron Foulger .............. Mr. Nash
John Dehner ................ Medula

Theme Song

Title: "Captain Nice Theme"

By: "Vic Mizzy"

Look! It's the man who flies around like an eagle.
Look! It's the enemy of all thats illegal.
Look! At the muscles on those arms, they're like hammers.
Look! It's the nut who walks around in pajamas.
That's no nut boy, that's Captain Nice.
Nice! Nice! Nice! Nice! Nice!

Captain Nice Trivia

Captain Nice had a very similar competitor on CBS called, "Mr. Terrific". Both featured "nerdy" characters that had to consume something in order to get their powers. Captain Nice had to swallow a formula and Mr. Terrific simply took a pill. Both series broadcast their first episodes on January 9, 1967. Both survived less than 18 episodes.

Captain Nice wore a superhero outfit with a belt that bore his intitials (CN for Carter Nash). The first time someone saw him in the outfit, they asked him what the "CN" meant. Cartner wanted to keep his "real" identity secret so he responded, "Captain Nice" and that's how he got his superhero name!

You might remember William Daniels better in his roles as "George Feeny" on "Boy Meets World", "Dr. Mark Craig" on "St. Elsewhere", or as the voice of "K.I.T.T." on "Knight Rider".

Alice Ghostley became a television icon due to her unforgetable role as "Aunt Esmeralda" on the series, "Bewitched". Alice actually appeared on that series first as a scatter-brained mortal maid. Everyone absolutely loved her performance and so the role of "Esmeralda" was created especially for her!

Vic Mizzy, who wrote the theme song for Captain Nice, also did the themes for "The Addams Family" and "Green Acres".

Captain Nice was created by actor/writer/producer/director "Buck Henry" who, along with Mel Brooks, also created "Get Smart". Buck also hosted "Saturday Night Live" ten times!

John Dehner began in show business as an animator for Walt Disney Studios. He also worked as a disc jockey and a pianist. He began acting in the early 1940s, appearing in dozens of movies. Dehner also hit it big on the radio, securing leading roles on "My Favorite Husband" (with Lucille Ball), "Have Gun Will Travel (Radio)", and he often played bad guys on "Gunsmoke (Radio)". Dehner was actually also the first choice for the role of "Paladin" on the TV version of "Have Gun Will Travel" (TV) but he had a contract with Warner Bros Studios which kept him in his recurring role as "Duke Williams" on the TV series, "The Roaring Twenties (TV)". Ironically, "Have Gun Will Travel" was one of the few shows that began on TV and then also became a radio program. Typically, popular radio shows became TV series. In any case, John was one of the "workingest" actors of all time, accumulating more than 300 acting credits during his career!

Ann Prentis is the sister of actress Paula Prentis and the sister-in-law of actor Richard Benjamin ("Quark").

The TV series also inspired the printing of a single issue Captain Nice comic book.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Captain Nice - The First and Only Season

  1. The Man Who Flies Like a Pigeon (1/9/1967)
  2. How Sheik Can You Get? (1/16/1967)
  3. THat Thing (1/23/1967)
  4. That Was the Bridge that Was (2/6/1967)
  5. The Man With Three Blue Eyes (2/20/1967)
  6. Is Big Town Burning? (2/27/1967)
  7. Don't Take Any Wooden Indians (3/6/1967)
  8. That's What Mothers Are For (3/13/1967)
  9. Whatever Lola Wants (3/20/1967)
  10. Who's Afraid of Amanda Woolf? (3/27/1967)
  11. The Week They Stole Payday (4/3/1967)
  12. Tastes OK But Something's Missing (4/10/1967)
  13. May I Have the Last Dance (4/17/1967)
  14. One Rotten Apple (4/24/1967)
  15. Beware of Hidden Prophets (5/1/1967)

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