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Bronk TV Show

Bronk Cast
Series Description

The Bronk TV show was a 60 minute detective drama series on CBS about a police Lieutenant detective who worked directly for the Mayor of a town infested by corruption on assignments mostly designed to end that corruption.

Bronk Cast

Jack Palance ................ Lieutenant Alex "Bronk" Bronkov
Joseph Mascolo .............. Mayor Pete Santori
Tony King ................... Sergeant John Webber
Henry Beckman ............... Harry Mark
Dina Ousley ................. Ellen Bronkov

Bronk Trivia

His role as Lieutenant Bronkov was one of the few where Jack Palance played a character that wasn't an evil, scary bad guy. Bronk was a calm, calculating man with an ingenius mind; nothing like his typical movie role!

The Bronk TV show was set in Ocean City, California.

Bronk's wife and daughter had been in a horrible car accident! His wife had been killed and his daughter ended out in a wheelchair!

The Bronk TV show had some strong competition in its time slot. It was up against "Harry O" on ABC and "Medical Story" on NBC.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. Open Contract (9/21/1975)
  2. Wheel of Death (9/28/1975)
  3. The Gauntlet (10/5/1975)
  4. Echo of Danger (10/12/1975)
  5. Terror (10/19/1975)
  6. The Fifth Victim (10/26/1975)
  7. Short Fuse (11/2/1975)
  8. Line of Fire (11/9/1975)
  9. Bargain in Blood (11/16/1975)
  10. The Pickoff (11/23/1975)
  11. Crackback (11/30/1975)
  12. Deception (12/7/1975)
  13. Betrayal (12/14/1975)
  14. There's Gonna Be a War (12/21/1975)
  15. Next of Kin (1/4/1976)
  16. The Deadlier Sex (1/18/1976)
  17. Jackson Blue (1/25/1976)
  18. Long Time Dying (2/1/1976)
  19. Target: Unknown (2/8/1976)
  20. Jailbreak (2/15/1976)
  21. Vengeance (2/22/1976)
  22. The Ordeal (3/7/1976)
  23. Death with Honor (3/21/1976)
  24. The Vigilante (3/28/1976)

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