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Medical Story

Series Description

The Medical Story TV show was an anthology drama series. It was an unusual program because unlike most medical dramas, this one didn't present Doctors as heroes. It concentrated on the Doctor's personal problems, personality quirks and even the negative effect they had on patients when they made mistakes! The show did not please audiences who would rather believe that Doctors would prefer to help their patients. It featured a different cast each week.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. Medical Story (2 Hour TV Pilot Movie) (9/4/1975)
  2. The Right To Die (9/11/1975)
  3. The God Syndrome (9/18/1975)
  4. Test Case (9/25/1975)
  5. A Life In The Balance (10/2/1975)
  6. An Air Full Of Death (10/9/1975)
  7. Million Dollar Baby (10/23/1975)
  8. The Moonlight Heater (10/30/1975)
  9. Wasteland (11/13/1975)
  10. Up Against The World (12/4/1975)
  11. Woman In White (12/11/1975)
  12. The Quality Of Mercy (2 Hour Special) (1/8/1976)

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