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The Benny Hill Show

The Benny Hill Show Cast

Series Description

The Benny Hill Show was a comedy series loaded with classic slapstick (and sometimes sexy, smutty and raunchy) comedy. Benny Hill's silent, high-speed chase skits are reminiscent of Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton except that instead of being chased by cops, Hill is usually being chased by a bunch of beautiful, well-endowed Blondes. He often sang songs while (comically) impersonating celebrities. Some of his best-known characters were: Barney the Disgruntled Husband, The Halitosis Kid, Fred Scuttle and Maurice Dribble.

Benny Hill Show Cast


Benny Hill
Pat Ashton
Felicity Buirski
Anna Dawson
Bella Emberg
Patricia Hayes
Helen Horton
Henry McGee
Nicholas Parsons
Bob Todd
Jack Wright
Jenny Lee Wright

Hill's Angels:

Andee Cromarty
Susan Daly
Anne Easton
Louise English
Debi Gaye
Nola Haynes
Sharon Haywoode
Julie Kirk
Jane Leeves
Erica Lynley
Leigh Miles
Clare Smalley
Samantha Spencer-Lee
Sue Upton
Vivienne Warman
Penny Wells

Benny Hill Show Trivia


In addition to being compared to Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton, some of Benny's comedy appeared reminiscent of Red Skelton. In fact, he would sometimes end an episode with the closing Skelton is known for, "Good Night, God Bless"!

Jane Leeves (better known as Daphne Moon on the TV show, "Frasier") was one of Benny Hill's often scantilly-clad Angels.

The show was canceled after mounting criticism of sexism. To be fair, however, most of the skits that may have seemed degrading to women, also made the men look like blithering idiots.

There were a total of 111 episodes produced in the U.K. All Benny Hill Show episodes shown in the U.S. were simply edited versions of the British series with sketches combined in no particular order. Within the same U.S. episode, one might see Benny Hill's age change as much as 15 years!

There is no episodes list for this show as the episodes were not titled. In the U.S., the show ran in syndication only so the Air Dates depended on the time-slots available at each individual station.

There were 98 episodes of the Benny Hill Show that aired from 1955 through May 1, 1989 so, as you can see, the episodes were not weekly, they were typically many months apart.

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