Zoe Cast

Series Description

Zoe was a 30 minute comedy series on the WB Network (now the CW Network). Four high school teens grow up in New York City during season one. When the series returned in season two, three years had passed and the "kids" were now adult college students.

Zoe Cast

Selma Blair .... Zoe Bean
David Moscow .... Duncan
Michael Rosenbaum .... Jack
Azura Skye .... Jane
Mary Page Keller .... Iris Bean
Omar Gooding .... Douglas Anderson


If you're confused about what the title of this series was, you're not the only one! During pre-production, the title was proposed to be "Zoe Bean". By the time the first season was broadcast, the title had been changed to "Zoe, Duncan, Jack and Jane". So what brilliant mind thought that up? Then they decided that the long title with four names might be confusing audiences (we're smarter than they think, right?) so they renamed the series "Zoe..." which was pronounced "Zoe dot dot dot" (and that's less confusing?).

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Zoe - The First Season

  1. Pilot Episode (1/17/1999)
  2. Everything You Wanted To Know About Zoe (1/24/1999)
  3. When Zoe Met Johnny (2/7/1999)
  4. To Jack, From Zoe (2/14/1999)
  5. Sympathy For Jack (2/21/1999)
  6. Hard Cheese On Zoe (2/28/1999)
  7. The Trouble With Jane (3/7/1999)
  8. A Good Man Is Hard To Find (3/10/1999)
  9. The Advice (3/14/1999)
  10. Under Mom's Thumb (4/11/1999)
  11. Down And Out At Bleecker And Houston (5/2/1999)
  12. Zoe Under The Influence (5/9/1999)
  13. Run, Man Ray, Run (5/16/1999)
Zoe - The Second Season
  1. No Good Deed (1/31/2000)
  2. Three Years Later (1/31/2000)
  3. The Customer Is Always Right (2/7/2000)
  4. I Don't Feel So Good (2/14/2000)
  5. Kiss Of Death (2/21/2000)
  6. The Feud (2/28/2000)
  7. A Midsummer's Night's Nightmare (4/16/2000)
  8. Crossing The Line (4/23/2000)
  9. Desperately Seeking Zoe (4/30/2000)
  10. Tall, Dark And Duncan's Boss (5/14/2000)
  11. My Dinner With Andy (5/21/2000)
  12. Too Much Pressure (5/28/2000)
  13. Party Girls (6/4/2000)

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