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Yukon Men is a 60 minute reality series on the Discovery Channel about the rugged individuals who carve a life out of the Alaska wilderness in a town with only 250 residents ... human ones, that is! Death looms all around and you had better not be prone to mistakes if you're one of the Yukon Men! Hungry wolves get desperate enough to attack humans! One misstep on a frozen river and you'll be carried away under the ice! If you run out of wood, you and your plumbing will freeze! But there's beauty in the arctic and families share close ties. It's a hard life, but not necessarily a bad one.

Yukon Men Cast

Charlie Wright
Bob Wright (Charlie's teenage son)
Stan Zuray
Joey Zuray (Stan's 21-year-old son)

Yukon Men Trivia

Don't underestimate the danger in the Yukon from wild animals. Starving wolves have attacked and even killed some of Tanana's residents in their desperate search for food!

The low temperature on record in Tanana, Alaska is 76 degrees below zero! The typical low temperature in January though is a relatively balmy 17 degrees below zero.

Tanana, Alaska is just sixty miles south of the Arctic Circle.

Going to the bathroom is not exactly a pleasure for many of Tanana's residents in winter. About a third of the homes have no indoor plumbing so those residents have to go outside and sit on a way below zero toilet seat!

Stan Zuray often reflects on his coming to Alaska forty years ago from metropolitan Boston, Massachusetts. He has stated that during his first year in Alaska he nearly starved and sadly had to eat his entire team of sled dogs in order to survive!

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