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The Young Ones was a 35 minute British comedy series on BBC1 about four "bad boy" college students who shared a house together in North London.

The Young Ones Cast

Adrian Edmondson .... Vyvyan Basterd
Nigel Planer .... Neil Pye
Rik Mayall .... Rick
Christopher Ryan .... Mike TheCoolPerson
Alexei Sayle .... Various Roles

The Young Ones Trivia

The characters on The Young Ones were slight adaptations of characters that the Cast developed while performing at London's "Comic Strip Club".

The Young Ones was one of the first BBC series to have most of its scenes shot "on location" using videotape rather than film. There were only two exceptions that were filmed. In episode #11, "Time", the spoof of the U.S. series, "Dallas" was filmed and in episode #12, "Summer Holiday", the red bus was filmed. Most other BBC series would continue using film on location until late in the 1980s!

By the way, the outdoor scenes were not actually shot in North London. The Young Ones' producer, Paul Jackson, lived in Bristol during the show's production and the on location stuff was filmed there. The boys house (exterior view) is in Codrington Road, Bristol.

Each episode of the Young Ones TV show had a performance by a "live" band. This was a "political" move by the producers to get funding for the show from the BBC. The budget for sitcoms at the time was all used up but their was more budget available for "Light Entertainment" series.

In an interview, Rik Mayall stated that the guys were modelled after a typical family. Mike would be the father figure, Neil the mother, Vyvyan the son, and Rick the daughter!

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The Young Ones - The First Season

  1. Demolition (11/9/1982)
  2. Oil (11/16/1982)
  3. Boring (11/23/1982)
  4. Bomb (11/30/1982)
  5. Interesting (12/7/1982)
  6. Flood (12/14/1982)
The Young Ones - The Second Season
  1. Bambi (5/8/1984)
  2. Cash (5/15/1984)
  3. Nasty (5/29/1984)
  4. Sick (6/5/1984)
  5. Time (6/12/1984)
  6. Summer Holiday (6/19/1984)
The Young Ones - TV Special

Comic Relief (4/25/1986)

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