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Young Hercules Cast

Series Description

Young Hercules was a 30 minute fantasy series on the FOX Network about Hercules' life as a teenager. Together with his friends Jason and Iolaus, they learned about life and experienced many adventures. Fans of Hercules got to see how he was trained to be a warrior and how his relationships with his friends and his family of Gods developed!

Young Hercules Cast

Ryan Gosling .... Hercules (Except in the Pilot)
Chris Conrad .... Jason
Dean O'Gorman .... Iolaus
Angela Dotchin .... Kora
Jodie Rimmer .... Lilith
Katrina Browne .... Queen Cyane
Nathaniel Lees .... Cheiron
Jason Hoyte .... Hephaestus
Joel Tobeck .... Strife

Young Hercules Trivia

Ryan Gosling got his first big break in show business when he was accepted as a member of the "Mickey Mouse Club". Ryan's nickname is "Opie" and he is a very good jazz guitarist.

After Young Hercules ended, Chris Conrad returned to school and got his college degree. He then became a teacher and a coach at his alma mater in Florida.

Dean O'Gorman got his black belt in Karate at the age of 10 years old!

Kevin Smith played in several rock & roll bands both before and after "Young Hercules". He didn't ever pursue acting as a career. His wife heard about an open casting call for a musical and signed him up! He got a part and was even made understudy for the lead part! Unfortunately, Kevin fell from many stories high (some witnesses said six stories) died 10 days later. The accident happened on February 6, 2002 just one day after he finished taping on a video release, "Warriors of Virtue II (2002)" in Beijing, China.

Young Hercules was filmed in Auckland, New Zealand.

Young Hercules Opening Narrative

"In an age of light and darkness, Zeus, King of the Gods ruled the universe. He had a son. Young Hercules. Half-god, half-man, young Hercules longs to find his place in the world. The father he's never known and what it means to be a hero. Before the man became legend, before the legend became myth, came the greatest adventure of them all."

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Young Hercules - The First And Only Season

1... The Treasure Of Zeus (9/12/1998)
2... Between Friends (9/16/1998)
3... What A Crockery (9/17/1998)
4... Herc And Seek (9/18/1998)
5... Girl Trouble (9/19/1998)
6... Teacher's Pests (9/22/1998)
7... Inn Trouble (9/24/1998)
8... Keeping Up With The Jasons (9/25/1998)
9... Amazon Grace (9/26/1998)
10. Cyrano De Hercules (9/29/1998)
11. Battle Lines - Part 1 (10/1/1998)
12. Battle Lines - Part 2 (10/2/1998)
13. Forgery (10/3/1998)
14. No Way Out (10/7/1998)
15. Ares On Trial (10/9/1998)
16. Down And Out In Academy Hills (10/10/1998)
17. Winner Take All (10/24/1998)
18. A Serpent's Tooth (10/29/1998)
19. Lure Of The Lyre (10/30/1998)
20. Fame (10/31/1998)
21. Lyre Liar (11/3/1998)
22. A Lady In Hades (11/4/1998)
23. The Mysteries Of Life (11/5/1998)
24. Dad Always Liked Me Best (11/6/1998)
25. Herc's Nemesis (11/10/1998)
26. Cold Feet (11/11/1998)
27. Mommy Dearest (11/12/1998)
28. Cram-Ped (11/13/1998)
29. In Your Dreams (11/17/1998)
30. Sisters (11/18/1998)
31. The Golden Bow (11/19/1998)
32. Home For The Holidays (11/20/1998)
33. Con Ares (2/1/1999)
34. Get Jason! (2/2/1999)
35. My Fair Lilith (2/3/1999)
36. Hind Sight (2/4/1999)
37. The Head That Wears The Crown (2/5/1999)
38. In Your Dreams (2/15/1999)
39. Me, Myself, And Eye (2/17/1999)
40. Keeping Up With The Jasons (2/18/1999)
41. The Skeptic (2/22/1999)
42. Iolaus Goes Stag (2/23/1999)
43. Adventures In The Forbidden Zone (2/24/1999)
44. The Prize (2/25/1999)
45. The Beasts Beneath (2/26/1999)
46. Parents Day (3/2/1999)
47. A Life For A Life (3/8/1999)
48. Under Seige (5/10/1999)
49. Mila (5/11/1999)
50. Apollo (5/12/1999)
51. Ill Wind (5/13/1999)
52. Valley Of The Shadow (5/14/1999)


Young Hercules (1998)

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