The Yellow Rose

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The Yellow Rose Cast

Series Description

The Yellow Rose was a 60 minute nighttime soap opera drama series on NBC about a young widow and her two stepsons who ran a 200,000 acre ranch when they weren't having affairs or getting into fights. A "Dallas" wannabe that looked promising for maybe a dozen episodes and then fizzled.

The Yellow Rose Cast

Sam Elliott .... Chance McKenzie
David Soul .... Roy Champion
Noah Beery, Jr. .... Luther Dillard
Susan Anspach .... Grace McKenzie
Kerrie Keane .... Caryn Cabrera
Cybil Shepherd .... Colleen Champion
Edward Albert .... Quisto Champion
Will Sampson .... John Stronghart
Ken Curtis .... Hoyt Coryell
Chuck Connors .... Jeb Hollister
Deborah Shelton .... Juliette Hollister
Steve Sandor .... Lenny Hollister
Tom Schanley .... Whit Champion
Michelle Bennett .... L.C. Champion

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. The Yellow Rose (4/29/1983) (Repeated on 10/2/1983)
  2. Divided We Fall (10/15/1983)
  3. When Honor Dies (10/22/1983)
  4. Walls Of Fear (10/29/1983)
  5. Sins Of The Father (11/5/1983)
  6. Breaking Trail (11/12/1983)
  7. Moving Targets (11/19/1983)
  8. Trail's End (11/26/1983)
  9. A Question Of Love (12/10/1983)
  10. Only The Proud (12/17/1983)
  11. Divide And Conquer (1/7/1984)
  12. Hell Hath No Fury (1/14/1984)
  13. Deadline (1/21/1984)
  14. Land Of The Free (2/11/1984)
  15. Sport Of Kings (2/18/1984)
  16. Running Free (2/25/1984)
  17. Sacred Ground (3/10/1984)
  18. Debt Of Honor (3/17/1984)
  19. Chains Of Fear (3/24/1984)
  20. Beyond Vengeance (4/21/1984)
  21. Villa's GOld (5/5/1984)
  22. The Far Side Of Fear (5/12/1984)

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