Workaholics on Comedy Central

Workaholics Comedy Central Cast

Series Description

Workaholics is a 30 minute comedy series on Comedy Central about three recent college graduates who live and kind of work together and pretty much act like five-year-olds with potty mouths.

Workaholics Cast

Anders Holm .... Anders
Adam DeVine .... Adam
Blake Anderson .... Blake
Maribeth Monroe .... Alice Murphy
Erik Griffin .... Montez Walker
Jillian Bell .... Jillian Belk
Kyle Newacheck .... Karl
Waymond Lee .... Waymond
Jet Set Hudson .... Jet Set

Workaholics Trivia

The guys live in Rancho Cucamonga, California which believe it or not is the name of a real-life city. They work at a telemarketing firm called "Telamericorp" which is totally fictional.

Workaholics was "discovered" by a Comedy Central executive who saw several videos that Anders Holm, Adam Devine and Blake Anderson had posted to YouTube.

The series got a nice little head start on gaining an audience when a sneak peek episode was broadcast immediately following the very popular Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump!

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