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Wolf Lake Cast

Series Description

Wolf Lake was a 60 minute fantasy/horror series on CBS about werewolves who terrorized a small town in Washington state near Seattle.

Wolf Lake Cast

Lou Diamond Phillips .... John Kanin
Tim Matheson .... Matthew Donner
Graham Greene .... Sherman Blackstone
Sharon Lawrence .... Vivian Cates
Scott Bairstow .... Tyler Creed
Mary Elizabeth Winstead .... Sophia Donner
Paul Wasilewski .... Luke Cates
Mia Kirshner .... Ruby Wilder/Cates

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Wolf Lake - The First And Only Season

  1. Meat The Parents (9/19/2001)
  2. The Changing (9/26/2001)
  3. Soup to Nuts (10/3/2001)
  4. Tastes Like Chicken (10/10/2001)
  5. Excitable Boy (10/24/2001)
  6. Four Feet Under (4/10/2002)
  7. Leader of the Pack (4/17/2002)
  8. Legend of Lost Lenore (4/24/2002)
  9. If These Wolves Could Talk (5/1/2002)

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