Wizards And Warriors

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Wizards And Warriors Cast

Series Description

Wizards And Warriors was a 60 minute fantasy series on CBS.

Wizards And Warriors Cast

Jeff Conaway .... Prince Erik Greystone
Duncan Regehr .... Prince Dirk Blackpool
Thomas Hill .... King Edwin Baaldorf
Julia Duffy .... Princess Ariel Baaldorf
Clive Revill .... Wizard Vector
Walter Olkewicz .... Marko
Ian Wolfe .... Wizard Tranquil
Jay Kerr .... Justin
Tim Dunigan .... Geoffrey
Phyllis Katz .... Cassandra
Randi Brooks .... Bethel
Christine De Lisle .... Belladonna

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Wizards And Warriors - The First And Only Season

  1. Unicorn Of Death (2/26/1983)
  2. Kidnap (3/5/1983)
  3. Rescue (3/12/1983)
  4. Night Of Terror (3/19/1983)
  5. Skies Of Death (4/9/1983)
  6. Caverns Of Chaos (4/30/1983)
  7. Dungeon Of Death (5/7/1983)
  8. Revenge (5/14/1983)

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