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Series Description

The Wings TV show was a 30 minute comedy series on NBC about two brothers who ran a "one-airplane" airline and their friends and associates at a small airport on the island of Nantucket.

Wings Cast

Steven Weber .... Brian Hackett
Timothy Daly .... Joe Hackett
Crystal Bernard .... Helen Chappel
Tony Shalhoub .... Antonio Scarpacci
Rebecca Schull .... Faye Cochran
David Schramm .... Roy Biggins
Amy Yasbeck .... Casey Davenport
Thomas Haden Church .... Lowell Mather

Wings Trivia

There were only two airlines at the Nantucket airport. The one owned by Joe Hackett was called "Sandpiper Air". The other one was "AeroMass".

Brian and Joe Hackett had been living separate lives for years. They were brought back together in the first Wings TV show episode by a series of notes left by their deceased father. He had set them up with a kind of "Treasure Hunt" where, if they followed directions from note to note, they would find their inheritance (supposedly a fortune). They didn't find anything until the final episode of Wings when another note turned up. This one ultimately led to them finding $250,000 in an airport locker. They ended out using the money to send Helen to Vienna, Austria to study the Cello!

During its first four seasons, the Wings TV show aired immediately following "Cheers (1982)" on NBC and there were some similarities between the two shows. The producers were the same for both Cheers and Wings. The cast on Wings congregated on a regular basis in the waiting area and at the lunch counter at the airport. The cast on Cheers did the same at the bar.

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