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We the People Cast
Pictured: Host - Dwight Weist

Series Description

We the People was a 30 minute talk show on CBS for its first season and on NBC for its final two seasons where the host would interview politicians, celebrities, and sometimes even regular citizens. The interviews tended to be "up close and personal", giving audiences an opportunity to see into parts of the celebrities' lives where they had struggled to overcome some impediment. The non-celebrities were typically guests who had participated in some type of charitable work.

We the People Cast

Dwight Weist .... Host (1948-April 1950)
Dan Seymour .... Host (April 1950-1952)
Lee Vines .... Announcer (1948)

We the People Trivia

The first episode of We the People aired on June 1, 1948 and the last episode was broadcast on January 1, 1952.

We the People was preceded by a We the People radio show that had already been on the air for 12 years! The two shows became the first weekly series to be simulcast on radio and TV! That continued until July of 1950 when they began airing at different times.

The first host of We the People on TV, Dwight Weist, had an amazing career on both radio and television! He was an announcer on the Aldrich Family, "Inner Sanctum", "Andy Hardy", and "The Second Mrs. Burton" radio shows. He provided the voices of historical figures including Adolf Hitler and Franklin D. Roosevelt on a radio show titled, "March of Times" which re-enacted stories printed in the New York Times. He acted on several other radio programs including the starring role on "Mr. District Attorney", Police Commissioner Weston on "The Shadow", and various roles on "Cavalcade of America". Dwight was also the announcer for 18 years on the daytime drama TV series, "Search for Tommorrow" and he narrated numerous TV commercials. He also narrated several movies and was a newscaster. Those and his numerous other credits resulted in Dwight becoming known as "The Man of a Thousand Voices"!

Lee Vines got his very first announcing job on "We the People". He then later went on to announce several episodes of the "Hallmark Hall of Fame" and announce five seasons of the TV game show, "What's My Line?". He also announced many other game shows including "Balance Your Budget", "Beat the Clock", "The Big Surprise", "Fractured Phrases", "Make the Connection", "The Name's the Same", "Password", and "Picture This"!

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