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Western Marshall Cast

Series Description

Western Marshall was a 30 minute western action series that aired in syndication.

Western Marshall Cast

Douglas Kennedy .... Marshall Steve Donovan
Eddy Waller .... Deputy Marshal Rusty Lee

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Western Marshall - The First And Only Season

  1. The People's Choice (8/30/1955)
  2. Napoleon's Eagle (9/6/1955)
  3. Comanche Kid (9/13/1955)
  4. Missouri Outlaws (10/7/1955)
  5. The Imposters (10/14/1955)
  6. Stone River (10/21/1955)
  7. Outlaw's Boy (10/28/1955)
  8. Crystal Gazers (11/4/1955)
  9. The Hope Chest (11/11/1955)
  10. Medicine Man (11/25/1955)
  11. The Coward (12/2/1955)
  12. Gunfighter's Return (12/9/1955)
  13. Sketch Artist (12/23/1955)
  14. Widow's Warrant (12/30/1955)

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