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Series Description

Welcome To Paradox was a 60 minute anthology sci-fi series on the Sci-Fi Channel similar to "The Twilight Zone" and "Outer Limits", just not nearly as good.

Welcome To Paradox Host

Michael Philip

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Welcome to Paradox - The First And Only Season

  1. Our Lady Of The Machine (8/17/1998)
  2. Research Alpha (8/24/1998)
  3. The Winner (8/31/1998)
  4. The News From D Street (9/7/1998)
  5. The Girl Who Was Plugged In (9/14/1998)
  6. The Extra (9/21/1998)
  7. Alien Jane (9/28/1998)
  8. Hemeac (10/5/1998)
  9. All Our Sins Forgotten (10/12/1998)
  10. Acute Triangle (10/19/1998)
  11. Options (10/26/1998)
  12. Blue Champagne (11/2/1998)
  13. Into The Shop (11/9/1998)

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