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Wedding Album was a drama pitched series that would have captured the ups and downs of tying the knot through the eyes of the second-most important man in the room - the wedding photographer if it had been picked up by a network. Tony Zutto was the guy everyone wanted to capture their big day. But just because he was working every high-profile ceremony in town doesn't mean he would be walking down the aisle himself anytime soon. Tony's near-celebrity status on the marriage circuit, combined with his own less-than-stellar family history turned him into a serial bachelor and consummate playboy ... at least until Tony hired new assistant Milla Cavendish, a feisty and alluring young Brit. Unlike the carefree encounters Tony's had with his share of bridesmaids over the years, Milla and her comrades-in-arms, sassy roommate Gretchen and photo lab tech Bruno, kept Tony on his toes.

Wedding Album Cast

Bruno Campos .... Tony Zutto
Tara Summers .... Milla Cavendish
Eva Pigford .... Gretchen
Jayce Bartok .... Bruno
Ptolemy Slocum .... Peter Zutto
Tony Lo Bianco .... Danny Zutto
Ashlie Atkinson .... Gwen

Episodes List With Original Air Dates Pilot (3/9/2007)

Unfortunately, Wedding Album never made it past the Pilot episode. FOX decided to drop production of the series shortly after the Pilot was shot.

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