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Web Therapy Cast

Series Description

Web Therapy is a 30 minute comedy series on Showtime about a therapist who needs help more than her patients do. Everything is about her. The feelings of her patients take a backseat to whatever she's experiencing at the time. She starts a business on the web where she spends just three minutes per session because she couldn't take 50 minutes of her patients' dribbling on about their pathetic problems.

Web Therapy Cast

Lisa Kudrow .... Fiona Wallice (2008-)
Dan Bucatinsky .... Jerome Sokoloff (2008-)
Julie Claire .... Robin Griner (2009-2010)
Tim Bagley .... Richard Pratt (2008-2010)
Rosie O'Donnell .... Maxine DeMaine (2011)
Conan O'Brien .... Conan O'Brien (2011)
Natasha Bedingfield .... Gemma Pankhurst-Jones (2012)
Minnie Driver .... Allegra Favreau (2012)
Lily Tomlin .... Putsy Hodge (2012)
Selma Blair .... Tammy Hines (2010)
Julia Louis-Dreyfus .... Shevaun Haig (2010)
Michael McDonald .... Ben Tomlund (2010)
Molly Shannon .... Kirsten Noble (2010)
Meryl Streep .... Camilla Bowner (2010)
Courteney Cox .... Serena DuVall (2009)
Alan Cumming .... Austen Clarke (2009)
Victor Garber .... Kip Wallice (2009)
Steven Weber .... Robert Lachman (2009)
Patricia Guggenheim .... Bryn (2008)
Jane Lynch .... Claire Dudek (2008)
Drew Sherman .... Justin Fein (2008)
Bob Balaban .... Ted Mitchell (2008)
Rashida Jones .... Hayley Feldman-Tate (2008)

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