Wanted Dead or Alive

Wanted Dead Or Alive Cast

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Wanted Dead Or Alive was a 30 minute western action series on CBS about a bounty hunter who earned his living by bringing in criminals who were ... "Wanted Dead Or Alive"!

Wanted Dead Or Alive Cast

Steve McQueen .... Josh Randall


Wanted Dead Or Alive's pilot episode, "The Bounty Hunter" appeared as an episode on the TV show, "Trackdown (1957)".

Steve McQueen got the lead role on Wanted Dead of Alive because Jack H. Harris, McQueen's producer on the 1958 film, "The Blob" highly recommended him to Dick Powell who headed Four Star Productions, the company that produced Wanted Dead or Alive.

Believe it or not, McQueen's movie career was not doing very well when he decided to take the role of Josh Randall. When the show became a big hit his offers for movie roles returned and that led to his magnificent film career!

The role that led to stardom for McQueen was as Vin Tanner in the 1960 film, "The Magnificent Seven". There was a potential problem with his taking that role as Wanted Dead or Alive was filming at the same time as the movie! In order to take the movie role McQueen crashed his car into a tree so he could claim he was injured and that delayed filming of the TV series so he could do the movie!

TV Pilot Episode

The Bounty Hunter (3/7/1958)

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