VR5 Cast

Series Description

VR5 was a 60 minute fantasy series on the FOX Network about a beautiful young woman who was able to enter a virtual reality world via her computer. She could also draw other people into her virtual reality realm by calling them on the telephone and then hooking the phone line into her modem.

VR5 Cast

Lori Singer .... Sydney Bloom (1995-1997)
Michael Easton .... Duncan (1995-1997)
David McCallum .... Doctor Joseph Bloom (1995-1997)
Will Patton .... Doctor Frank Morgan (1995-1997)
Louise Fletcher .... Mrs. Nora Bloom (1995-1997)
Anthony Head .... Oliver Sampson (1995-1997)
Kimberly Cullum .... Young Samantha Bloom (1995-1997)
Kaci Williams .... Young Sydney Bloom (1995-1997)
Tracey Needham .... Samantha Bloom (1995-1997)
London Vale .... Bubblegum Girl (1995)
Richie Fenner .... Young Duncan (1995)
George DelHoyo .... Jackson Boothe (1995)

VR5 Trivia

Sydney Bloom worked as a lineperson for the Tel-Cal Telephone Company in San Francisco, California.

By drawing others into her virtual reality world, Sidney was able to see, for example, how a murderer had commited their crime (and thereby, help bring them to justice).

The title, "VR5" came from the fact that Sydney's computer did not create a "typical" virtual reality world. It was known as the fifth level of virtual reality which was able to create a virtual world from the participants' memories.

There were three episodes of VR5 that were produced but were not broadcast. Their titles were: "Sisters", "Send Me An Angel", and "Parallel Lives".

An organization known as "The Committee" sent Sydney on missions into her VR5 world.

Sydney's father and her twin sister had been drowned when their car crashed into a river. In the final episode, Sydney discovered that they were still alive and had been held prisoners by members of "The Committee".

Sydney's mother had survived the accident but was in a mental institution and hadn't spoken since that time. Sydney would occasionally use VR5 to speak to her mother, proving that her mother's brain was still functioning.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

VR5 - The First And Only Season

1. Pilot Episode (3/10/1995)
2. Dr. Strangechild (3/17/1995)
3. Love And Death (3/24/1995)
4. 5D (3/31/1995)
5. Escape (4/7/1995)
6. Facing The Fire (4/14/1995)
7. Simon's Choice (4/21/1995)
8. Control Freak (4/28/1995)
9. The Many Faces Of Alex (5/5/1995)
10. Reunion (5/12/1995)

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