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The Visitor was a 60 minute sci-fi series that was produced in Canada and aired in the U.S. on the FOX Network. It was about a man who had disappeared in 1947 and returne in 1997 in an alien spacecraft. He had not aged in the 50 years he had been missing and he had mysterious powers including the ability to heal wounds, talk with animals, levitate himself and other items, and read people's minds. He tried his best to help his far from perfect fellow humans while running from the U.S. military who saw him as a threat.

The Visitor Cast

John Corbett .... Adam MacArthur (1997-1998)
Grand L. Bush .... FBI Agent Douglas Wilcox (1997-1998)
Steve Railsback .... Colonel James Vise (1997-1998)
John Storey .... Agent Craig Van Patten (1997-1998)
Adam Baldwin .... Michael O'Ryan (1997)
Granville Ames .... Sergeant Roberts (1997)
Richard Cox .... Assistant Director Grushaw (1997)
Amy Parrish .... Betty York (1997-1998)
Lola Glaudini .... Young Constance MacArthur (1997)
Lucinda Jenney .... Nadine Walden (1997)
Jack Moore .... Soldier #1 (1997)
Tammy Lauren .... Charlotte MacArthur (1997)
Joe Rabl .... FBI Agent (1997)
Brian Vaughan .... Tyler (1997)
Peter Carlin .... Spencer Davis (1997)
David Drew Gallagher .... McNally (1997)
Marte Boyle Slout .... Mother (1997)
Andre M. Johnson .... Lieutenant Wayne (1998)

The Visitor Opening Narrative

"You have violated US air space! If you do not land immediately we will be forced to shoot you down!"

"It's coming right at us!"

"You are red and free to engage unknown!"


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