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United States of Tara Cast

Series Description

United States of Tara was a 30 minute dramatic comedy series on Showtime about a woman with a husband and two kids who has numerous personalities including a redneck man named Buck. She and her family never know when she might become someone else but somehow they manage to hold things together.

United States of Tara Cast

Toni Collette .... Tara Gregson (2009-2011)
John Corbett .... Max Gregson (2009-2011)
Keir Gilchrist .... Marshall Gregson (2009-2011)
Rosemarie DeWitt .... Charmaine Craine (2009-2011)
Brie Larson .... Kate Gregson (2009-2011)
Patton Oswalt .... Neil (2009-2011)
Michael J. Willett .... Lionel (2010-2011)
Michael Hitchcock .... Ted Mayo (2010-2011)
Nathan Corddry .... Gene Stuart (2009)
Matthew Del Negro .... Nick Hurley (2009-2010)
Andrew Lawrence .... Jason (2009)
Eddie Izzard .... Dr. Hattarras (2011)
Valerie Mahaffey .... Dr. Ocean (2009)
Aaron Christian Howles .... Noah Kane (2011)
Zosia Mamet .... Courtney (2010)
Keir O'Donnell .... Evan (2011)
Costa Nicolas .... Shawn Scapa (2009)
Viola Davis .... Lynda P. Frazier (2010)
Sammy Sheik .... Hany (2010)
Joey Lauren Adams .... Pammy (2010)

United States of Tara Trivia

Tara Gregson's personalities in addition to Buck mentioned in our series description included:

"Alice" who is the perfect mom and housewife similar to those seen in 1960s family sitcoms.
"Chicken" is basically just Tara herself at five years of age.
"T" who is a sixteen-year-old pot-smoking girl who is also pretty slutty.
"Gimme" who is more animal in nature than human. It was extremely destructive and screamed a lot.
"Shoshana Schoenbaum" is a feminist psychologist from the 1970s who speaks with a New York accent.
"Bryce Craine" is Tara's half-brother who molested her when she was a child.

Tara's affliction is called "dissociative identity disorder" but is more commonly referred to as "multiple personality disorder".

Charmaine Craine played by actress Rosemarie DeWitt was originally only supposed to appear in a "guest-starring" role but apparently they liked what Rosemarie did with the character. They made her a regular on United States of Tara.

All of Tara's alter-egos are right-handed just like her except for Buck who is left-handed.

Toni Collette was pregnant during United States of Tara's final season. By the end of filming she was five months along!

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. Pilot Episode (1/18/2009)
  2. Aftermath (1/25/2009)
  3. Work (2/1/2009)
  4. Inspiration (2/8/2009)
  5. Revolution (2/15/2009)
  6. Transition (2/22/2009)
  7. Alterations (3/1/2009)
  8. Abundance (3/8/2009)
  9. Possibility (3/15/2009)
  10. Betrayal (3/22/2009)
  11. Snow (3/29/2009)
  12. Miracle (4/5/2009)
Season 2
  1. Yes (3/22/2010)
  2. Trouble Junction (3/29/2010)
  3. The Truth Hurts (4/5/2010)
  4. You Becoming You (4/12/2010)
  5. Doin' Time (4/19/2010)
  6. Torando! (4/26/2010)
  7. Dept. of Fucked Up Family Services (5/3/2010)
  8. Explosive Diorama (5/10/2010)
  9. The Family Portrait (5/17/2010)
  10. Open House (5/24/2010)
  11. To Have and To Hold (5/31/2010)
  12. From This Day Forward (6/7/2010)
Season 3
  1. ...you will not win... (3/28/2011)
  2. Crackerjack (4/4/2011)
  3. The Full Fuck You Finger (4/11/2011)
  4. Wheels (4/18/2011)
  5. Dr. Hatteras' Miracle Elixir (4/25/2011)
  6. The Road to Hell is Paved with Breast Intentions (5/2/2011)
  7. The Electrifying & Magnanimous Return of Beaverlamp (5/9/2011)
  8. Chicken 'n' Corn (5/16/2011)
  9. Bryce Will Play (5/23/2011)
  10. Train Wreck (6/6/2011)
  11. Crunchy Ice (6/13/2011)
  12. The Good Parts (6/20/2011)

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