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Twitch City Cast

Series Description

Twitch City was a 30 minute, Canadian comedy series that also aired in the U.S. on Bravo. It was about a guy who wouldn't leave his apartment. He sat on his sofa all day long and watched television. He shared his apartment with two roommates and a cat.

Twitch City Cast

Don McKellar .... Curtis
Daniel MacIvor .... Nathan
Callum Keith Rennie .... Newbe
Molly Parker .... Hope
Bruce McCulloch .... Rex Reilly #1
Mark McKinney .... Rex Reilly #2

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Twitch City - The First And Only Season

NOTE: Airdates below are for the U.S. run on Bravo. The series aired originally over two short seasons in Canada from January 19, 1998 through April 5, 2000.

  1. I Slept With My Mother (8/16/2000)
  2. My Pet, My Hero (8/16/2000)
  3. I Look Like Joyce Dewitt (8/23/2000)
  4. People Who Fight Too Much (8/23/2000)
  5. I'm Fat And I'm Proud (8/30/2000)
  6. Killed By Cat Food (8/30/2000)
  7. The Return Of The Cat Food Killer (9/6/2000)
  8. Shinto Death Cults (9/6/2000)
  9. Klan Bake (9/13/2000)
  10. People Who Don't Care About Anything (9/13/2000)
  11. The Planet Of The Cats (9/20/2000)
  12. The Life Of Reilly (9/20/2000)
  13. Angels All Week (9/27/2000)

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