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Twin Peaks Cast

Series Description

Twin Peaks was a 60 minute dramatic horror series on ABC about FBI agent Dale Cooper who went to the town of Twin Peaks to investigate the murder of a 17-year-old homecoming queen named Laura Palmer. After solving her murder, he stayed on in Twin Peaks to investigate a continuing string of murders.

Twin Peaks Cast

Kyle MacLachlan .... Special Agent Dale Cooper
Michael Ontkean .... Sheriff Harry S. Truman
Madchen Amick .... Shelly Johnson
Richard Beymer .... Benjamin Horne
Dana Ashbrook .... Bobby Briggs
Lara Flynn Boyle .... Donna Marie Hayward
Sherilyn Fenn .... Audrey Horne
Sheryl Lee .... Laura Palmer
Peggy Lipton .... Norma Jennings

Twin Peaks Trivia

The Twin Peaks murders were committed by a supernatural demon called "Killer BOB" who was able to force himself into people's bodies and make them to do his bidding.

There were so many concurrent and totally unrelated plotlines on Twin Peaks that it was difficult for most viewers to keep track of what was actually occuring.

The fictional town of Twin Peaks was said to be located near the Canadian border in the Northwestern United States. Even though the town appeared to be small enough for everybody to know everybody else, the sign while entering said that the population was 51,201.

The program was actually filmed in the town of Snoqualmie Falls, Washington.

FBI agent Dale Cooper stayed at the Great Northern Hotel which, in real-life, was the Salish Lodge.

David Lynch who played the hard-of-hearing bureau chief, "Gordon Cole" on Twin Peaks was also the producer of the series.

The plot-lines of Twin Peaks and a former Kyle MacLachlan film, "The Hidden (1987)", are very similar. In each one, MacLachlan plays a cop who is seeking a non-human murderer who kills while possessing human bodies.

There are also many similarities between Twin Peaks and the 1944 film titled, "Laura". A woman named Laura is murdered in the beginning of each and is predominantly seen in flashback sequences. The detective in the movie was named "Waldo" and the only witness to the murder on Twin Peaks was also named "Waldo". Both Lauras kept a diary which was used for clues to their murders.

In yet another case, on Twin Peaks, there was a one-armed man named "Gerard". On the 1963 TV series, "The Fugitive", the detective hunting for Doctor Richard Kimble was named "Gerard". Kimble was accused of killing his wife but, in truth, a one-armed man had committed the murder.

Kyle MacLachlan received a bachelors degree in fine arts from the University of Washington in 1982. His hair is naturally, totally gray but he keeps it dyed black. He says that the renowned composer Johann Sebastian Bach is his ancestor.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Twin Peaks - Season 1

  1. 1000 - Part 1 (4/8/1990)
  2. 1000 - Part 2 (4/8/1990)
  3. 1001 (4/12/1990)
  4. 1002 (4/19/1990)
  5. 1003 (4/26/1990)
  6. 1004 (5/3/1990)
  7. 1005 (5/10/1990)
  8. 1006 (5/17/1990)
  9. 1007 (5/24/1990)
Twin Peaks - Season 2
  1. 2001 - Part 1 (9/30/1990)
  2. 2001 - Part 2 (9/30/1990)
  3. 2002 (10/6/1990)
  4. 2003 (10/13/1990)
  5. 2004 (10/20/1990)
  6. 2005 (10/27/1990)
  7. 2006 (11/3/1990)
  8. 2007 (11/10/1990)
  9. 2008 (11/17/1990)
  10. 2009 (12/1/1990)
  11. 2010 (12/8/1990)
  12. 2011 (12/15/1990)
  13. 2012 (1/12/1991)
  14. 2013 (1/19/1991)
  15. 2014 (2/2/1991)
  16. 2015 (2/9/1991)
  17. 2016 (2/16/1991)
  18. 2017 (3/28/1991)
  19. 2018 (4/4/1991)
  20. 2019 (4/11/1991)
  21. 2020 (4/18/1991)
  22. 2021 - Part 1 (6/10/1991)
  23. 2021 - Part 2 (6/10/1991)
TV Movie

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (8/28/1992)

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