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Turnabout Cast

Series Description

Turnabout was a sci-fi comedy series about a husband and wife whose minds were transposed into each others' bodies.

Turnabout Cast

John Schuck .... Sam Alston
Sharon Gless .... Penny Alston
Richard Stahl .... Jack Overmeyer
Bobbi Jordan .... Judy Overmeyer
James Sikking .... Geoffrey St. James
Bruce Kirby .... Al Brennan

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Turnabout - The First And Only Season

  1. Penny's Old Boyfriend (1/31/1979)
  2. We're A Little Late Folks (2/7/1979)
  3. Cry Me A Touchdown (2/14/1979)
  4. Till Dad Do Us Part (3/7/1979)
  5. Statutory Theft (3/14/1979)
  6. Crass Reunion (3/21/1979)

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