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The Tudors was a 60 minute historical drama series on Showtime about the man who became King of England at the young age of seventeen and ruled for 37 years until his death in 1547. Yes, we're talking about King Henry VIII whose total power over his subjects brought him everything his heart could desire except an heir to his throne. He was obsessed with that desire to the point where he went against the Pope's wishes in order to "discard" old wives that did not produce sons for new ones. That resulted in King Henry's mistrust of many of his loyal and formerly loyal followers who he suspected were against him in those matters and others. King Henry was notorious for his willingness to condemn those who he felt might be plotting against him even if they were old friends or even when there was no evidence of their betrayal. Henry's conflict with the teachings of the Catholic Church led to England's seperation from the Vatican and the formation of the Church of England. That way as the head of his own Church, Henry could do as he pleased and do so (in his mind) with the approval of God. Of course, this didn't make him many friends among the other Catholic Kings!

The Tudors Cast

Jonathan Rhys Meyers .... King Henry VIII (2007-2010)
Henry Cavill .... Charles Brandon (2007-2010)
Anthony Brophy .... Ambassador Bishop Chapuys (2007-2010)
James Frain .... Thomas Cromwell (2007-2009)
Guy Carleton .... Chamberlain (2007-2010)
Sarah Bolger .... Mary Tudor (2008-2010)
Max Brown .... Edward Seymour (2008-2010)
Natalie Dormer .... Anne Boleyn (2007-2010)
Nick Dunning .... Thomas Boleyn (2007-2008)
Rod Hallett .... Richard Rich (2008-2010)
Maria Doyle Kennedy .... Queen Catherine of Aragon (2007-2010)
Simon Ward .... Bishop Gardiner (2009-2010)
Padraic Delaney .... George Boleyn (2007-2008)
Jeremy Northam .... Sir Thomas More (2007-2008)
Emma Hamilton .... Anne Stanhope (2009-2010)
Jane Brennan .... Lady Margaret Bryan (2008-2010)
Rebekah Wainwright .... Catherine (2007-2009)
Jamie Thomas King .... Thomas Wyatt (2007-2008)
Joanne King .... Lady Rochford (2008-2010)
Frank McCusker .... Risley (2009-2010)
Andrew McNair .... Thomas Seymour (2009-2010)
John Kavanagh .... Cardinal Campeggio (2007-2008)
Myia Elliott .... Lady Anne Clifford (2007-2008)
Sam Neill .... Cardinal Thomas Wolsey (2007)
Callum Blue .... Anthony Knivert (2007)
Hans Matheson .... Thomas Cranmer (2008)
Henry Czerny .... Norfolk (2007)
David O'Hara .... Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey (2010)
Suzy Lawlor .... Anne Parr (2010)
Bosco Hogan .... Bishop Fisher (2007-2008)
David Alpay .... Mark Smeaton (2008)
Joe Van Moyland .... Thomas Tallis (2007)
Maude Hirst .... Kat Ashley (2008-2010)
Laoise Murray .... Lady Elizabeth (2010)
Alan Van Sprang .... Sir Francis Bryan (2009)
Torrance Coombs .... Culpepper (2009-2010)
Peter O'Toole .... Pope Paul III (2008)
Kris Holden-Ried .... William Compton (2007)
Catherine Byrne .... Alice More (2007-2008)
Declan Conlon .... Mendoza (2007-2009)
Gabrielle Anwar .... Princess Margaret (2007)
Tamzin Merchant .... Catherine Howard (2009-2010)
Perdita Weeks .... Mary Boleyn (2007-2008)
James Gilbert .... William Brereton (2008)

The Tudors Trivia

Series creator Michael Hirst wrote every single episode of The Tudors!

Peter O'Toole had scenes in seven different episodes in 2008 but they were all shot in one week!

Gabrielle Anwar's character, "Princess Margaret" didn't really exist in real life but she was a composite of the real-life Henry's two sisters, "Margaret and Mary Tudor". The events on The Tudors that Princess Margaret lives through are actually from the life of the real-life Princess Mary but her name wasn't used on the show because there could easily have been confusion between her and Henry's daughter who was also named Princess Mary.

While Thomas Tallis is portrayed on The Tudors as being bisexual, there is nothing in the history books that supports that.

The Tudors won six Emmys along with numerous other award wins and nominations.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The Tudors - The First Season

  1. In Cold Blood (4/1/2007)
  2. Simply Henry (4/8/2007)
  3. Wolsey, Wolsey, Wolsey! (4/15/2007)
  4. His Majesty, The King (4/22/2007)
  5. Arise, My Lord (4/29/2007)
  6. True Love (5/6/2007)
  7. Message to the Emperor (5/13/2007)
  8. Truth and Justice (5/20/2007)
  9. Look to God First (6/3/2007)
  10. The Death of Wolsey (6/10/2007)
The Tudors - The Second Season
  1. Everything Is Beautiful (3/30/2008)
  2. Tears of Blood (4/6/2008)
  3. Checkmate (4/13/2008)
  4. The Act of Succession (4/20/2008)
  5. His Majesty's Pleasure (4/27/2008)
  6. The Definition of Love (5/4/2008)
  7. Matters of State (5/11/2008)
  8. Lady in Waiting (5/18/2008)
  9. The Act of Treason (5/25/2008)
  10. Destiny and Fortune (6/1/2008)
The Tudors - The Third Season
  1. Civil Unrest (4/5/2009)
  2. The Northern Uprising (4/12/2009)
  3. Dissension and Punishment (4/19/2009)
  4. The Death of a Queen (4/26/2009)
  5. Problems in the Reformation (5/3/2009)
  6. Search for a New Queen (5/10/2009)
  7. Protestant Anne of Cleves (5/17/2009)
  8. The Undoing of Cromwell (5/24/2009)
The Tudors - The Fourth Season
  1. Moment Of Nastalgia (4/11/2010)
  2. Sister (4/18/2010)
  3. Something For You (4/25/2010)
  4. Natural Ally (5/2/2010)
  5. Bottom Of The Pot (5/9/2010)
  6. You Have My Permission (5/16/2010)
  7. Sixth and the Final Wife (5/23/2010)
  8. As It Should Be (6/6/2010)
  9. Secrets of the Heart (6/13/2010)
  10. Death of a Monarchy (6/20/2010)

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