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Series Description

True Blood is a 60 minute fantasy/horror series on HBO about vampires who want humans to accept them as normal citizens after synthetic blood is developed. They say that they can now co-exist without feasting on real human blood but can they? A waitress with telepathic powers thinks they can and gets involved in a romantic relationship with a vampire despite the warnings of other humans about the danger.

True Blood Cast

Anna Paquin .... Sookie Stackhouse (2008-)
Sam Trammell .... Sam Merlotte (2008-)
Stephen Moyer .... Bill Compton (2008-)
Rutina Wesley .... Tara Thornton (2008-)
Ryan Kwanten .... Jason Stackhouse (2008-)
Nelsan Ellis .... Lafayette Reynolds (2008-)
Chris Bauer .... Andy Bellefleur (2008-)
Carrie Preston .... Arlene Fowler (2008-)
Jim Parrack .... Hoyt Fortenberry (2008-)
Alexander Skarsgard .... Eric Northman (2008-)
Todd Lowe .... Terry Bellefleur (2008-)
Deborah Ann Woll .... Jessica Hamby (2008-)
Kristin Bauer van Straten .... Pam De Beaufort (2008-)
Jobeth Wagner .... Fangtasia Vampire (2010-)
Joe Manganiello .... Alcide Herveaux (2010-)
Lauren Bowles .... Holly Cleary (2010-)
Michael McMillian .... Steve Newlin (2008-)
Marshall Allman .... Tommy Mickens (2010-2011)
Jessica Tuck .... Nan Flanagan (2008-2011)
Kevin Alejandro .... Jesus Velasquez (2010-2011)
Adina Porter .... Lettie Mae Thornton (2008-2011)
Dale Raoul .... Maxine Fortenberry (2008-2011)
William Sanderson .... Sheriff Bud Dearborne (2008-2010)
Janina Gavankar .... Luna Garza (2011-)
Michael Raymond-James .... Rene Lenier (2008-2011)
Michelle Forbes .... Maryann Forrester (2008-2009)
Lindsay Pulsipher .... Crystal Norris (2010-2011)
John Billingsley .... Mike Spencer (2008-2010)
Brit Morgan .... Debbie Pelt (2010-2011)
Mehcad Brooks .... Eggs (2008-2009)
Tara Buck .... Ginger (2008-)
Denis O'Hare .... Russell Edgington (2010-)
Mariana Klaveno .... Lorena Krasiki (2008-2010)
Fiona Shaw .... Marnie Stonebrook (2011)

True Blood Trivia

Eric Northman is from Sweden and the language that his True Blood character, "Alexander Skarsgard' and his followers speak on True Blood is Swedish.

Russell Edgington always sets his table with gold eating utensils. He never uses silverware because silver leaves scars on Vampires.

The first season episodes of True Blood are almost entirely based upon Charlaine Harris' book, "Dead Until Dark".

Every episode of True Blood is titled after the name of a popular song, many of which are religious songs.

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