Tripping the Rift

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Tripping the Rift

Series Description

Tripping the Rift was a 30 minute sci-fi animated series that was aimed at adult audiences. It aired in the U.S. for the first two seasons on the Sci-Fi Channel. There was a third season that aired on the Canadian channel, "Teletoon" only. It was about a three-eyed alien name Chode and his rag tag crew of idiots. The series concentrated a bunch on sex in space with lots of cleavage, short skirts, and sexual inuendos. This was definitely not a cartoon show for the kids!

Tripping The Rift Characters


Stephen Root .... Chode
Maurice LaMarche .... Gus
"Stuttering" John Melendez .... Bob
Gayle Garfinkle .... T'nuk
Rick Jones .... Whip
Terrence Scammell .... Darph Bobo
Carmen Electra .... Six (2005-)
Gina Gershon .... Six (2004)

Tripping The Rift Trivia

There was a short 5 minute and 56 second Tripping the Rift pilot. It's title was, "Love and Darph..." and was the only thing produced with total nudity. Several of the voice actors were different on this pilot.

Gus was created by a guy called, "Baltar". That name is a reference to the Villanous character on the series, "Battlestar Galactica".

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Tripping the Rift - The First Season

  1. God Is Our Pilot (3/4/2004)
  2. Mutilation Ball (3/11/2004)
  3. Miss Galaxy 5000 (3/18/2004)
  4. Sidewalk Soiler (3/25/2004)
  5. The Devil and a Guy Named Webster (4/1/2004)
  6. Totally Recalled (4/8/2004)
  7. 2001 Space Idiocies (4/15/2004)
  8. Power to the Peephole (4/22/2004)
  9. Nature vs. Nurture (5/6/2004)
  10. Aliens, Guns & a Monkey (5/13/2004)
  11. Emasculating Chode (5/20/2004)
  12. Love Conquers All... Almost (5/27/2004)
  13. Android Love (6/3/2004)
Tripping the Rift - The Second Season
  1. Cool Whip (7/27/2005)
  2. You Want To Put That Where? (7/27/2005)
  3. Honey, I Shrunk the Crew (8/3/2005)
  4. Ghost Ship (8/10/2005)
  5. Benito's Revenge (8/17/2005)
  6. All For None (8/24/2005)
  7. Extreme Chode (8/31/2005)
  8. Roswell (9/14/2005)
  9. Santa Clownza (9/21/2005)
  10. Chode & Bobo's High School Reunion (9/28/2005)
  11. Creaturepalooza (10/5/2005)
  12. Chode's Near Death-Experience (10/12/2005)
  13. Six, Lies and Videotape (10/19/2005)
Tripping the Rift - The Third Season

Note: These episodes did not air in the U.S. They were broadcast only on Canada's Teletoon Channel.

  1. Chode Eraser (9/6/2007)
  2. Skankenstein (9/13/2007)
  3. To eBay or Not to eBay (9/20/2007)
  4. 23 1/2 (10/11/2007)
  5. Chuckles Bites the Dust (10/18/2007)
  6. The Need for Greed (10/25/2007)
  7. Hollow Chode (11/1/2007)
  8. Raiders of the Lost Crock of */@?#!" (11/8/2007)
  9. Witness Protection (12/13/2007)
  10. The Son also Rises (12/20/2007)
  11. Extreme Take-Over (12/27/2007)
Theatrical Movies

Tripping the Rift: The Movie (3/25/2008)

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