Trials Of O'Brien

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Trials of O'Brien Cast

Series Description

Trials Of O'Brien was a 60 minute legal drama series on CBS about a New York defense Attourney who dug deeply into his cases and usually got himself into a bad situation in the process.

Trials Of O'Brien Cast

Peter Falk .... Daniel J. O'Brien
Joanna Barnes .... Katie O'Brien
David Burns .... The Great McGonigle
Dolph Sweet .... Lieutenant Garrison
Ilka Chase .... Margaret
Elaine Stritch .... Miss G

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Trials Of O'Brien - The First And Only Season

  1. Over Defense Is Out (9/18/1965)
  2. Bargain Day On The Street Of Regret (9/25/1965)
  3. Notes On A Spanish Prisoner (10/2/1965)
  4. Never Bet On Anything That Talks (10/9/1965)
  5. What Can Go Wrong? (10/16/1965)
  6. Goodbye And Keep Cool (10/23/1965)
  7. Gaggle Of Girls (10/30/1965)
  8. Trouble With Archie (11/6/1965)
  9. How Do You Get To Carnegie Hall? (11/13/1965)
  10. Charlie Has All The Luck (11/20/1965)
  11. Picture Me A Murder (11/27/1965)
  12. Dead End On Flugel Street (12/3/1965)
  13. No Justice For The Judge (12/10/1965)
  14. Leave It To Me (12/17/1965)
  15. Alarms & Excursions (1/7/1966)
  16. 10-Foot, Six Inch Pole (1/14/1966)
  17. Horse Called Destiny (1/21/1966)
  18. Blue Steel Suite (1/28/1966)
  19. Partridge Papers (2/4/1966)
  20. Greatest Game - Part 1 (3/4/1966)
  21. Greatest Game - Part 2 (3/11/1966)
  22. Only Game In Town (3/18/1966)
Trials Of O'Brien TV Movie

Too Many Thieves (1966) (2 Hours - Color)

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