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Series Description

Traveler is a drama series about two young men who decided to pull an innocent prank by roller-blading through several of New York City's museums. When one of the museums is blown up mere seconds after they skated through it, they became suspects in the bombing! Their only alibi is their pal "Will" who knew of their plans to pull the prank but they couldn't find Will and it appeared that Will had disappeared from the face of the Earth!

Traveler Cast

Aaron Stanford .... Will Traveler
Logan Marshall-Green .... Tayler Fog
Matthew Bomer .... Jay Burchell
Steven Culp .... Agent Fred Chambers
Viola Davis .... Agent Jan "Naj" Marlow
Anthony Ruivivar .... Mauricio Borjes
Pascale Hutton .... Kim Doherty
William Sadler .... Carlton Fog
Neal McDonough .... Mystery Man
Billy Mayo .... The Porter
Eric Keenleyside .... Robert Doherty
Liberty Kee .... Female Agent
Barclay Hope .... Joseph
Sonja Bennett .... Maya
David Richmond-Peck .... Agent Seth Watkins
Enrique Mitchell .... Otis
Malcolm Stewart .... President Shears
Brian Markinson .... Ellington
Derek Hamilton .... Martin
Michael Eklund .... Jimmy
Link Baker .... FBI Driver
Graeme Duffy .... FBI Phone Tech
Kevan Ohtsji .... FBI Technician
Jennifer Kitchen .... Coroner Lengrand
Raymond Law .... Bill
Kevin D. Murray .... Addict
Daniel Thomas .... Rookie Cop

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Traveler - The First and Only Season

  1. Pilot Episode (5/10/2007)
  2. The Retreat (5/30/2007)
  3. New Haven (6/6/2007)
  4. The Out (6/13/2007)
  5. The Tells (6/20/2007)
  6. The Trader (6/27/2007)
  7. The Reunion (7/11/2007)
  8. The Exchange (7/18/2007)

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