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Touched by an Angel was a drama series on CBS about three angels who were sent to Earth to counsel people during their "time of need". They didn't necessarily always solve problems for the troubled persons, but they brought them a message of hope and told them that God loved them.

Touched by an Angel Cast

Roma Downey .... Monica
Della Reese .... Tess
John Dye .... Andrew (1996-2003)
Valerie Bertinelli .... Gloria (2001-2003)

Touched by an Angel Trivia

The word angel means messenger in the Greek language.

Touched By An Angel was nearly canceled in its first year on the air. In the second year, it "flew" to the top of the charts. Some might even consider that to be "touched by a miracle"!

Della Reese is a Reverend of the "Understanding Principals for a Better Living" Church in Los Angeles, California. She toured with the renowned gospel singer Mahalia Jackson when she was only a teenager. She was the first performer to sing gospel music in Las Vegas Casinos!

Touched by an Angel became so popular that it caused the "spin-off" of another series called, "Promised Land (1996)". In fact, the first episode of "Promised Land" appeared as episode #36 of "Touched By An Angel". The second episode appeared 2 nights later in its own time slot.

Roma Downey was born and raised in Derry City, Northern Ireland. She graduated from Brighton Art College in England. In 1997, she was chosen one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world by People Magazine! Prior to her appearance on "Touched By An Angel", she was probably best-known for her role as Jacqueline Kennedy on "A Woman Named Jackie", the miniseries.

Touched By An Angel was filmed in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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