Touch Cast

Series Description

The Touch TV show is a 60 minute fantasy series on FOX about a widower named Martin who lost his wife in the September 11th attack and was left to raise his autistic, mute, 11-year-old son Jake on his own. Despite his challenges, Jake has the power to predict catastrophic events before they happen. Dad does his best to interpret Jake's predictions in order to prevent the catastrophies but it's difficult since Jake can not tell his dad what he knows. Martin has to gleam clues from his son is order to be successful in his quest. At the same time, powerful hidden forces are trying to get control of Jake in order to use his premonitions for their own purposes.

Touch Cast

Kiefer Sutherland .... Martin Bohm
David Mazouz .... Jake Bohm
Gugu Mbatha-Raw .... Clea Hopkins
Roxana Brusso .... Sheri Strepling
Danny Glover .... Arthur Teller
Satomi Okuno .... Izumi
May Miyata .... Miyoko
Bodhi Elfman .... Abraham
Catherine Dent .... Abigail Kelsey
Jude Ciccolella .... Arnie Klepper
Deidrie Henry .... Maggie Miller
Titus Welliver .... Randall Meade
Maria Bello .... Lucy Robbins
Rob Benedict .... Walt King
Wesam Keesh .... Tarik
Shak Ghacha .... Abdul
Allegra Carpenter .... Celeste
Elena Campbell-Martinez .... Nurse

Touch Trivia

Jake typically communicates with his father through the use of numbers. He either writes the same number over and over again or uses an electronic device like a cell phone or a touch tablet to indicate a number that is important in dad's "seeing" an impending disaster.

The numbers that Jake reveals to his dad lead to a series of apparently unrelated events involving apparently unconnected people. In the end the connections between those people and events lead Martin to what he must do in order to prevent a castastrophe.

Series creator Tim Kring said that the way the episodes show how events in different people's lives are often connected make the series about "how our lives all touch one another".

Martin Bohm was a reporter but lost his job after his wife died and his son took so much of his attention. Since then he has had numerous general labor jobs until finally ending out as a baggage handler at an airport.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

TV Pilot:

  1. Touch (1/25/2012)
Season 1
  1. 1+1=3 (3/22/2012)
  2. Safety in Numbers (3/29/2012)
  3. Kite Strings (4/5/2012)
  4. Entanglement (4/12/2012)
  5. Lost and Found (4/19/2012)
  6. Noosphere Rising (4/26/2012)
  7. Zone of Exclusion (5/3/2012)
  8. Music of the Spheres (5/10/2012)
  9. Tessellations (5/17/2012)
  10. Gyre (Part 1 of 2) (5/31/2012)
  11. Gyre (Part 2 of 2) (5/31/2012)
  12. The Road Not Taken (Special) (9/14/2012)
Season 2
  1. Event Horizon (2/8/2013)
  2. Closer (2/8/2013)
  3. Enemy Of My Enemy (2/15/2013)
  4. Perfect Storm (2/22/2013)
  5. Eye to Eye (3/1/2013)
  6. Broken (3/8/2013)
  7. Ghosts (3/15/2013)
  8. Reunions (3/22/2013)
  9. Clockwork (3/29/2013)
  10. Two Of A Kind (4/5/2013)
  11. Accused (4/26/2013)
  12. Fight Or Flight (5/3/2013)
  13. Leviathan (5/10/2013)

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