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To Rome With Love was a 30 minute comedy series on CBS. It was about a teacher (Michael) and his three daughters who lose their wife/mother respectively to an early grave. So Michael decided to get a new start on life for himself and his girls by leaving their home in Iowa and taking a teaching job in Rome, Italy at a school for Americans living abroad. Michael's sister Harriet followed them to Rome and did everything in her power to get him to change his mind and return to the cornfields of Iowa but she failed. After Harriet went home, Andy Pruitt who was Michael's father-in-law came to visit his grandchildren and ended out staying.

To Rome With Love Cast

John Forsythe .... Michael Endicott
Joyce Menges .... Alison Endicott
Susan Neher .... Penny Endicott
Melanie Fullerton .... Mary Jane "Pokey" Endicott
Vito Scotti .... Gino Mancini
Peggy Mondo .... Mama Vitale
Gerald Michenaud .... Nico
Kay Medford .... Aunt Harriet Endicott
Walter Brennan .... Andy Pruitt

To Rome With Love Trivia

Michael Endicott and his daughters lived in the state of Iowa before moving to Rome.

To Rome With Love was produced by Don Fedderson Productions. They also produced "Family Affair" and "My Three Sons" and used that to their advantage by filming several crossover episodes where characters from each of the three series would appear on the other two!

Even if you never saw To Rome With Love, you still may be familiar with some of John Forsythe's other work including starring roles on other TV shows including, "Bachelor Father (1957)", "The John Forsythe Show" (1965), "Charlie's Angels (1976)" (As the voice of Charlie), and "Dynasty (1981)".

For some reason To Rome With Love just never caught on with audiences. Initially audiences obviously didn't care for the meddling Aunt Harriet character so she was sent home to Iowa (and off the series) shortly after the premiere. Walter Brennan who had already played a loveable grandpa on ("The Real McCoys") was brought in for season two but by then it was probably too late. Once viewers leave a series it's nearly impossible to get them back.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

To Rome With Love - The First Season

  1. Pilot Episode (9/28/1969)
  2. Hello Aunt Harriet (10/5/1969)
  3. To Rome From Iowa (10/12/1969)
  4. Goodbye Aunt Harriet (10/19/1969)
  5. The Telephone (11/2/1969)
  6. We Want To Go Home (11/9/1969)
  7. A Palazzo Is Not A Home (11/16/1969)
  8. The Long Road Home (11/23/1969)
  9. A Secret Day (11/30/1969)
  10. AN Affair Of Honor (12/14/1969)
  11. And One More Spring (12/28/1969)
  12. Anything Can Happen In Rome (1/4/1970)
  13. A Gown For Allison (1/11/1970)
  14. One Coin In The Fountain (1/18/1970)
  15. To Go Home Again (1/25/1970)
  16. The Pied Piper Of Rome (2/1/1970)
  17. My Daughter Penny (2/8/1970)
  18. Beautiful People (3/1/1970)
  19. Birds, Bees And Romans (3/8/1970)
  20. The Pretty Little Girl (3/15/1970)
  21. Father's Choice (3/29/1970)
  22. A Friend For Penny (4/5/1970)
  23. Spring Vacation (4/26/1970)
  24. West Of Rome (5/3/1970)
  25. Our Friend Gino (5/10/1970)
  26. We Remember Mama (5/17/1970)
To Rome With Love - The Second Season
  1. Here Comes Andy (9/15/1970)
  2. A Day In The Country (9/22/1970)
  3. Baby Of The Family (9/29/1970)
  4. Roman Affair (10/6/1970)
  5. A Boy To Remember (10/13/1970)
  6. Rome Is Where You Find It (10/20/1970)
  7. Lire From Heaven (10/27/1970)
  8. Grandpa In Charge (11/10/1970)
  9. The Catnip Club (11/17/1970)
  10. The Rose Garden (11/24/1970)
  11. The Boy Next Door (12/1/1970)
  12. The Runaways (12/8/1970)
  13. Fly Away Home (12/15/1970)
  14. Doctor Andy (12/29/1970)
  15. Making The Scene (1/5/1971)
  16. Bonsai (1/13/1971)
  17. Beauty And The Judge (1/20/1971)
  18. Age Of Life (1/27/1971)
  19. Mike & the Countess (2/3/1971)
  20. The Stray Cat (2/10/1971)
  21. Yankee Trader (2/17/1971)
  22. Boy Meets Penney (3/24/1971)

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