Timecop Cast

Series Description

The Timecop TV show was a 60 minute crime sci-fi series on ABC about a police officer in the future world of 2007 whose job was to stop bad guys from changing the past.

Timecop Cast

T.W. King .... Jack Logan
Cristi Conaway .... Claire Hemmings
Kurt Fuller .... Dr. Dale Easter
Don Stark .... Eugene Matuzek
Tom O'Brien .... Ian Pascoe (1997)
Michael Holden .... Dome Technician
Ray Chang .... Dome Technician

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

1. A Rip in Time (9/22/1997)
2. The Heist (9/29/1997)
3. Stalker (10/6/1997)
4. Public Enemy (10/13/1997)
5. Rocket Science (10/20/1997)
6. Alternate World (6/20/1998)
7. Lost Voyage (6/27/1998)
8. D.O.A. (7/11/1998)
9. The Future, Jack, The Future (7/18/1998)

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