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Series Description

The Thunderbirds TV show was about a former astronaut who becomes extremely wealthy and decides to use his money to help mankind. He forms "International Rescue" an organization that can quickly respond to emergencies and disasters on land, in the air, at sea or in space. The program used puppets as characters (Known as the Thunderbirds) and the spaceships were models held by strings. The surprising thing about it is that the series was amazingly good! You've got to see it to belive it!

The Thunderbirds Characters


Sylvia Anderson .... Lady Penelope
Ray Barrett .... John Tracy / The Hood
Peter Dyneley .... Jeff Tracy
Christine Finn .... Tin-Tin / Grandma
David Graham .... Gordon Tracy / Brains / Parker / Kyrano
David Holliday .... Virgil Tracy
Shane Rimmer .... Scott Tracy
Jeremy Wilkin .... Virgil Tracy (1966)
Matt Zimmerman .... Alan Tracy

Thunderbirds Episodes Titles

Note: This series aired in syndication and, therefore, air dates varied from one station to another.

1. Trapped In The Sky
2. Pit Of Peril
3. City Of Fire
4. Sun Probe
5. The Uninvited
6. The Mighty Atom
7. Vault Of Death
8. Operation Crash-Dive
9. Move - And You're Dead
10. Martian Invasion
11. Brink Of Disaster
12. The Perils Of Penelope
13. Terror In New York City
14. End Of The Road
15. Day Of Disaster
16. Edge Of Impact
17. Desparate Intruder
18. 30 Minutes After Noon
19. The Imposters
20. The Man From M.I.5
21. Cry Wolf
22. Danger At Ocean Deep
23. The Duchess Assignment
24. Attack Of The Alligators
25. The Cham-Cham
26. Security Hazard 27. Atlantic Inferno
28. Path Of Destruction
29. Alias Mr. Hackenbacker
30. Lord Parker's 'Oliday
31. Ricochet
32. Give Or Take A Million

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