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Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends Characters

Series Description

Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends was a 15 minute British kids TV show that aired for 275 episodes on ITV and later on PBS in the United States. It was about the adventures of a group of living, speaking railroad engines and other vehicles who lived and worked on the fictional island of Sodor. Their boss was Sir Topham Hatt who was also known as the Fat Controller.

Thomas the Tank Engine Characters


United Kingdom Narrators:

Ringo Starr .... (1984-1986)
Michael Angelis .... (1991-)

United States Narrators:

George Carlin .... (1991-1995)
Alec Baldwin .... (1998-2003)
Michael Brandon .... (2004-)

Voice Actors:

Martin Sherman .... Thomas / Toby / Farmer Trotter
Ben Small .... Thomas
Kerry Shale .... Henry / Gordon / James / Bash / Kevin / Harold
Kerry Shale .... Maithwaite Stationmaster / Sir Topham Hatt
Kerry Shale .... Sir Lowham Hatt
Matt Wilkinson .... Diesel 10
Jules de Jongh .... Emily / Rosie / Mavis / Lady Hatt / Bridget Hatt
Jules de Jongh .... Alicia Botti / The Duchess of Boxford
David Bedella .... Victor / The Mayor of Sodor
Teresa Gallagher .... Bridget Hatt
Glenn Wrage .... Spencer / Rocky / Ferdinand / Cranky
William Hope .... Edward / Percy / Whiff / Charlie / Dash
William Hope .... Stephen Hatt / The Duke of Boxford
Keith Wickham .... Salty / Den / Dart / Captain / Dowager Hatt
Michael Brandon .... Diesel / Mr. Bubbles
Togo Igawa .... Hiro

Thomas the Tank Engine Trivia

This TV show was inspired by books written by Reverend W.V. Awdry and his son Christopher. They began when Christopher had measles as a child and the Reverend wanted to find a way to keep his son's mind off the misery so he told him stories about a train engines adventures. The stories were based upon experiences that the Reverend had in real life.

Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends had no problem drawing the best narrators in the industry to tell its stories and a few of them are very well known including Alec Baldwin, Pierce Brosnan, George Carlin and Ringo Starr!

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