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This Is Your Life Cast
Ralph Edwards and guests from October 21, 1953 show

Series Description

This Is Your Life was a 30 minute reality TV series on NBC where an unsuspecting celebrity or an exceptional common citizen was brought to the television studios under some untrue pretext. They wouldn't realize what was happening until they were on camera and the show had begun. Then Ralph Edwards would tell them, "This is Your Life!" and start telling their life story. When the story included someone important from their past, that person would come out on the stage. Most of those people hadn't seen the "honoree" in years or even decades. Many participants would get very emotional (in a happy way) and viewers could be sure of an abundance of tears, usually including their own! It was a look at your favorite comedian, actor, politician, etc. as a human being instead of a celebrity.

This Is Your Life Cast

Ralph Edwards .... Host / Series Creator
Bob Warren .... Announcer

This Is Your Life Trivia

The idea for This is Your Life evolved in an interesting way! Ralph Edwards was hosting the radio version of the popular game show, "Truth or Consequences". On one episode in 1946, he told a short story about the past life of a World War II veteran who was having problems making the adjustment from war to civilian life. There were so many positive letters, phone calls, and telegrams about that segment that Edwards developed a new radio show called, "This is Your Life" which went on the air in 1948. In 1952 it moved to television!

This is Your Life was often criticized as taking advantage of the subjects and being a form of voyeurism. Ralph Edwards countered that criticism by saying that the celebration of the subject's lives was meant to inspire the viewers. He insisted that every subject pass the test of "Love thy neighbor". Their lives had to have been "constructive" in nature. They must have either been given exceptional help by another or must have given exceptional help to someone else.

The subjects of This is Your Life were being kept in the dark until they were on a live TV show where every little detail of their lives might be examined. It's not hard to believe that some of them were bound to be a bit unhappy about the situation! Some of the subjects also found out about the show in advance. Angie Dickinson ("Police Woman") and Ann Sheridan ("Pistols 'n' Petticoats") both flat out refused to appear when they found out!

Lowell Thomas most likely would have refused if he had learned what was going on before the show began. He didn't storm off the live set or anything but he was very angry throughout the show. It was a very uncomfortable 30 minutes for him, Ralph Edwards, the audience, and viewers at home. When Ralph tried to tell Lowell that he'd surely enjoy what was going to happen if he'd just relax, Lowell said, "I doubt that very much!"

The classic comedy team of Laurel and Hardy made their only U.S. appearance on television on This is Your Life. Stan Laurel was not thrilled about being tricked, working for free, or doing an unrehearsed show! After years of being told by fans how much they enjoyed the show, he calmed down a bit about the fiasco!

The show was not without concern about what the shock of being brought to a live show might do to an unsuspecting guest. There were even a few rare cases where the subjects were told about the show before they were brought on stage. Eddie Cantor had heart problems so the producers didn't want to shock him. Frances Farmer and Lillian Roth were both told in advance because even though they had a happy ending to their stories, much of their earlier years were uncomfortably troubled. The producers didn't feel it would be right to tell those details without Frances and Lillian's permission.

By far, however, most of the subjects relaxed after the initial shock and actually enjoyed meeting friends, acquaintances, and relatives that they hadn't seen in a long time. Imagine, for example, seeing your fifth grade teacher who helped you with a reading problem when you were ten years old. What about an Aunt who took your family in during the depression? Or someone who you saved from drowning when you were 20-years-old and they were 4-years-old? Or the casting director who gave you your first job in show business thirty years ago?

There was an attempt to return This is Your Life to television a few times in the 1970s and 1980s. Their were a few episodes that made it in syndication but not many. They were hoste by Joseph Campanella ("Mannix", "Nurses", "The Bold Ones: The Lawyers").

During the late 1980s, Ralph Edwards' production company released many of the episodes of This is Your Life with celebrity guests. The AMC Channel (American Movie Classics) aired those for several years.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

This Is Your Life - The First Season

  1. Laura Stone Marr (Mother of Milburn Stone) (10/1/1952)
  2. Jimmy McHugh (Song Writer) (10/8/1952)
  3. Joan Caulfield (Cover Girl/Stage & Film Star) (10/15/1952)
  4. Mary Ross (Detective) (10/22/1952)
  5. Casey Stengel (New York Yankees Manager) (10/29/1952)
  6. Dr. James Scott (Templeton Doctor) (11/5/1952)
  7. Jeanette MacDonald (Film Star/Singer) (11/12/1952)
  8. Billie Clevenger (NBC Telephone Operator) (11/19/1952)
  9. Reverend Jim McClain (Radio Personality who became Episcopal Minister) (11/26/1952)
  10. Mrs. Gus Edwards Theatrical Troupe (Gave Many Stars Their First Break) (12/3/1952)
  11. Sara Berner (Radio/Film/TV Star) (12/10/1952)
  12. Rock Hudson (Film Star) (12/17/1952)
  13. Ruth Eiler (Family Reunited for Christmas) (12/24/1952)
  14. Nellie Lutcher (Singer) (12/31/1952)
  15. Dr. Frank Sparks (Industrialist/College President) (1/7/1953)
  16. Roy Rogers ("Cowboy" Singer/Radio Star/TV Star/Movie Star) (1/14/1953)
  17. Harris Pottier WWII Veteran Who Survived 19 Hours in the Atlantic After His Ship Was Torpedoed) (1/21/1953)
  18. Nadia Scarpitta (American Family Trapped in Wartime Italy) (1/28/1953)
  19. Lillian Roth (Singer) (2/4/1953)
  20. Alett Radzai (Corneal Transplant Patient) (2/11/1953)
  21. Gene Biscailuz (Los Angeles County Sheriff) (2/18/1953)
  22. Dinah Shore (Singer/TV Star) (2/25/1953)
  23. Frank T. Coffyn (Aviation Pioneer) (3/4/1953)
  24. Helene Ruthling (Founded "Children's Ranch" in New Mexico) (3/18/1953)
  25. Fifi D'Orsay (Stage/Film Star) (3/25/1953)
  26. Arthur Franz (Film/TV Star) (4/1/1953)
  27. Virginia Marmaduke (Newspaperwoman) (4/8/1953)
  28. Demetros Apostolon (Airplane Crash Survivor) (4/15/1953)
  29. Eva McGown (Humanitarian) (4/22/1953)
  30. Eddie Janis (Music Publisher) (4/29/1953)
  31. Don DeFore (Film/TV Star) (5/6/1953)
  32. Corny Pearson (Grocery Clerk) (5/13/1953)
  33. Fran Allison (Of "Kukla, Fran & Ollie") (5/20/1953)
  34. Hanna Bloch (Kohner Holocaust Survivor) (5/27/1953)
  35. Ed Wynn (Film/Radio/TV Star) (6/3/1953)
  36. Pat O'Brien (Film Star) (6/10/1953)
  37. Vivian Cosby (Magician/Writer) (6/17/1953)
  38. Mary Healy (Film/Stage/TV Star) (6/24/1953)
This Is Your Life - The Second Season
  1. Lily Pons (Opera Diva) (9/30/1953)
  2. John Robinson Cates (Small Town Druggist) (10/7/1953)
  3. Mrs. Robert L. Vann (Newspaper Owner/Publisher) (10/14/1953)
  4. Roy Keyser (American Guerilla in World War II Philippines) (10/21/1953)
  5. Victor McLaglen (Film Star) (10/28/1953)
  6. Lou Babcock (School Teacher) (11/4/1953)
  7. Eddie LeBaron (Football Player) (11/11/1953)
  8. Rachel Mellinger (Fashion Model/"Mademoiselle" Jr. Editor) (11/18/1953)
  9. Martha Raye (TV Comedienne/Singer) (11/25/1953)
  10. Eugenia Russel (Macy's Salesgirl) (12/2/1953)
  11. Toots Shor (Restaurateur) (12/9/1953)
  12. Edna Gladney (Founded Child Adoption Home) (12/16/1953)
  13. Eddie Cantor (Film Star/Comedian) (12/23/1953)
  14. Pansy Stockton ("Sun Painting" Artist) (12/30/1953)
  15. Reverend Andrew Murray Griffin (Former Con Man turned Minister) (1/6/1954)
  16. Hope Emerson (Actress) (1/13/1954)
  17. Rep. Douglas R. Stringfellow (Utah Congressman) (1/20/1954)
  18. Danny Thomas (Radio/TV Comedian) (1/27/1954)
  19. Alice Marble (Tennis Star) (2/3/1954)
  20. ColonelRuby Bradley (Army Nurse in World War II Philippines) (2/10/1954)
  21. Cantor Gregor Shelkan (Cantor; Holocaust Survivor) (2/17/1954)
  22. Connie Haines (Singer) (2/24/1954)
  23. Thelma Morgan (Champion Dog Breeder) (3/3/1954)
  24. Mack Sennett (Silent Film Producer) (3/10/1954)
  25. Dr. Kate Pelham Newcomb (Northwoods Wisconsin Country Doctor) (3/17/1954)
  26. Smith Robinson (Humanitarian) (3/24/1954)
  27. Jinx Falkenburg (TV Model) (3/31/1954)
  28. Louis Silvie Zamperini (Olympic Track Star/WWII Prisoner of War/Minister) (4/7/1954)
  29. Hal Foster ("Prince Valiant" Artist) (4/14/1954)
  30. Marjorie Williams (Past Director, Hollywood Studio Club) (4/21/1954)
  31. Jean Hersholt (Film/Radio Star/Humanitarian) (4/28/1954)
  32. George Mardikian (Restaurateur/Humanitarian Assistance to Displaced Persons) (5/5/1954)
  33. Emma Jo Wengert (Falsely Imprisoned For Murder) (5/12/1954)
  34. Patrick Joseph Kelly (Supervisor of NBC Announcers) (5/19/1954)
  35. Alicia Alonso (Ballerina) (5/26/1954)
  36. Mary Ann (Recovering Narcotics Addict) (6/2/1954)
  37. Tom Moore (Pioneer Film Star) (6/9/1954)
  38. Frances Nickmann (Chicago Policewoman) (6/16/1954)
  39. Gilda Gray (Stage Star/Tuberculosis Victim) (6/23/1954)
This Is Your Life - The Third Season
  1. Bebe Daniels Lyon (Film and BBC Star) (9/29/1954)
  2. Kenneth Porter (Forced by War Injury to Stand Up for the Rest of his Life) (10/6/1954)
  3. Kenyon J. Scudder (Chino Prison Superintendent) (10/13/1954)
  4. Dorothy Lamour (Film Star) (10/20/1954)
  5. Capt. Roy Milton Davenport (U.S. Navy Submarine Commander/Winner of Five Navy Crosses) (10/27/1954)
  6. Joe E. Brown (Film Star/Comedian) (11/3/1954)
  7. Ruth Lowe (Song Writer) (11/10/1954)
  8. Dr. Norman Vincent Peale (Minister/Writer) (11/17/1954)
  9. Nellie Logan Adkins (Schoolteacher) (11/24/1954)
  10. Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy (Film Comedians) (12/1/1954)
  11. William A. Wellman (Film Director) (12/8/1954)
  12. Dr. Laurence C. Jones (Educator) (12/15/1954)
  13. Clarinda Mason ("Adopted" 300 Servicemen during World War II) (12/22/1954)
  14. Jennie Grossinger (Resort & Hotel Operator/ Philanthropist) (12/29/1954)
  15. Helen Ostrowski (Russian Displaced Person/American Citizen) (1/5/1955)
  16. Reverend Robert Richards (Minister/Olympic Pole Vault Champion) (1/12/1955)
  17. Eddie Hamilton (Chicago Cab Driver) (1/26/1955)
  18. Andy Devine (Cowboy/Comedian/Film Star/TV Star) (2/2/1955)
  19. Mae Williams (Singer Who Overcame Great Adversity) (2/9/1955)
  20. Capt. Samuel W. Magill (War Hero) (2/16/1955)
  21. Yvonne Kennedy (Belgian Resistance Fighter) (2/23/1955)
  22. Clyde Lamb (Cartoonist/Ex-Convict) (3/2/1955)
  23. Carl J. Sedlmayr (Carnival Impresario/Royal American Show) (3/9/1955)
  24. Helen Kelleher (Lady Farmer) (3/16/1955)
  25. Mickey Walker (Artist/Ex-Prizefighter) (3/23/1955)
  26. Walter Brennan (Film/TV Star) (3/30/1955)
  27. Wayman R. Presley (Rural Mail Carrier) (4/6/1955)
  28. Mrs. Viola Ruth (Champion Fiddler) (4/13/1955)
  29. Gale Storm (Film/TV Star) (4/20/1955)
  30. General Mark Clark (Army General) (4/27/1955)
  31. Rene Belbenoit (Escaped Devil's Island) (5/4/1955)
  32. Reverend Kiyoshi Tanimoto (Methodist Minister/Hiroshima Survivor) (5/11/1955)
  33. Marjorie Lawrence (Opera Star/Polio Victim) (5/18/1955)
  34. Van Heflin (Film Star) (5/25/1955)
  35. Belle Baker (Singer) (6/1/1955)
  36. George Gregory Jr. (New York City Civil Service Commissioner) (6/8/1955)
  37. Frankie Laine (Singer) (6/15/1955)
  38. Dr. George Foote Bond (Country Doctor in U.S. Navy) (6/22/1955)
This Is Your Life - The Fourth Season
  1. George Burns (Vaudeville/TV Star) (9/28/1955)
  2. Llewellyn J. Scott (Founded Washington D.C. Hospice) (10/5/1955)
  3. Kathleen Norris (Author and Humanitarian) (10/12/1955)
  4. John Weber Jr. (Former Mental Patient) (10/19/1955)
  5. Colonel John Paul Stapp (Air Force Doctor/Rocket Sled Test Driver) (10/26/1955)
  6. Ilse Stanley (German Jew Who Helped 400 People Escape the Nazi Regime) (11/2/1955)
  7. William "Bill" Bendix (Film/Radio/TV Star) (11/9/1955)
  8. Julia Judge (Orphan Who Dedicated Her Life to Underprivileged Children) (11/16/1955)
  9. Daniele Alberghetti (Patriarch of Musical Family) (11/23/1955)
  10. Ralph Veady (Double Amputee/Success Story) (11/30/1955)
  11. Mrs. Alice Lloyd (Appalachian Mountain Educator) (12/7/1955)
  12. Harold Lloyd (Film Comedian/Humanitarian) (12/14/1955)
  13. Mary Noyes Dunham (Christmas Family Reunion/Mother and 10 Children Together For the First Time) (12/21/1955)
  14. Marion Domenicali (Adoption Struggle) (12/28/1955)
  15. Lew Ayres (Film Star/Decorated World War II Conscientious Objector) (1/4/1956)
  16. Henry Clay Conner (War Hero) (1/11/1956)
  17. Ruth Stromer (Yuba City Flood Victim) (1/18/1956)
  18. Mala Powers (Movie Star/Survived Near Fatal Illness) (1/25/1956)
  19. William Hennessey (Boston Policeman) (2/1/1956)
  20. Cantor Bela Herskovits (Cantor) (2/8/1956)
  21. Virginia Graham (Dancer/TV Star) (2/15/1956)
  22. Dr. Catherine MacFarlane (Doctor/Renown Cancer Specialist) (2/22/1956)
  23. J. Harrison Heckman (Red Cross Executive) (2/29/1956)
  24. Joseph Jacob Foss (South Dakota Governor/World War II Marine Ace) (3/7/1956)
  25. Madame Marguerita Sylva (Opera Star) (3/14/1956)
  26. Reverend H. Park Tucker (Chaplain/Atlanta Penitentiary) (3/21/1956)
  27. Marion Miller (FBI Communist Investigator) (3/28/1956)
  28. Robert Cummings (Film/TV Star) (4/4/1956)
  29. Ruth Joiner (Indiana Schoolteacher) (4/11/1956)
  30. Dore Schary (MGM Studio Executive) (4/18/1956)
  31. Marjorie Rambeau (Film Star Who Overcame Serious Injury) (4/25/1956)
  32. Joseph Anthony (Teenage Korean Refugee Who Came to the U.S.) (5/2/1956)
  33. Richard J. Finnegan (Editor, Chicago Sun-Times/Posthumous) (5/9/1956)
  34. Myrna Loy (Film Star/UNESCO Commissioner) (5/16/1956)
  35. James B. Hendryx (Michigan Outdoor Sportsman) (5/23/1956)
  36. Ruth Slenczynska (Concert Pianist) (5/30/1956)
  37. Milton Berle (TV Pioneer Known as "Mr. Television") (6/6/1956)
  38. Alice Middleton McDougall (Lusitania Survivor) (6/13/1956)
  39. Gilbert Roland (Film Star) (6/20/1956)
This Is Your Life - The Fifth Season
  1. Georgia Bowen (Founded Foster Home for Handicapped Children) (9/26/1956)
  2. Loring "Red" Nichols (Band Leader) (10/3/1956)
  3. Alexandra Tolstoy( Anti-Communist/Daughter of Leo Tolstoy) (10/10/1956)
  4. Colonel Dean E. Hess (Fighter Pilot/Minister/Assisted Korean War Orphans) (10/17/1956)
  5. Ernest Borgnine (Film/TV Star) (10/24/1956)
  6. Darlene Miller (Orphaned Farm Children Who Struggled to Remain Together) (10/31/1956)
  7. Agness Underwood (Lady Editor) (11/7/1956)
  8. Ernest Breech (Ford Motors Executive) (11/14/1956)
  9. Lou Costello (Comedian/TV Star/Film Star) (11/21/1956)
  10. Alice Princess Siwundhla (African Woman Attending College in USA) (11/28/1956)
  11. Phil Thatcher (Ex-Convict) (12/5/1956)
  12. Tennessee Ernie Ford (Film Star/TV Star/Recording Star) (12/12/1956)
  13. Pearl Routon (Florist/Humanitarian) (12/19/1956)
  14. Thomas Orley (Hungarian Refugee) (12/26/1956)
  15. Mike Masaoka (Nisei Veteran) (1/2/1957)
  16. Gladys Workman (Hard-Luck Story) (1/9/1957)
  17. Jack Dempsey (Former World Heavyweight Champion) (1/16/1957)
  18. Gloria Swanson (Film Star) (1/23/1957)
  19. Commander Hugh Barr Miller Jr. (WWII Survival Story) (Ronald Reagan Guest Host) (1/30/1957)
  20. Constance Hope (Celebrity Publicist) (Ronald Reagan Guest Host) (2/6/1957)
  21. Katya Skotnicki (Russian Refugee/GI Love Story) (2/13/1957)
  22. Duke Kahanamoku (Olympic Hero/Sheriff/"Father of Surfing") (2/20/1957)
  23. Arries Ann Ward (95 Year Old Former Slave) (2/27/1957)
  24. Lawrence Welk (Orchestra Leader/TV Star) (3/6/1957)
  25. Ivy Baker Priest (U.S. Treasurer) (3/13/1957)
  26. Dr. George Hays Gale (Country Doctor) (3/20/1957)
  27. Maureen O'Hara (Film Star) (3/27/1957)
  28. Buster Keaton (Film Comedian) (4/3/1957)
  29. Tommy Sands (Teenage Singer) (4/10/1957)
  30. Lieutenant Edward N. Bliss Jr. (Public Defender) (4/17/1957)
  31. Lila Lee (Silent Film Star) (4/24/1957)
  32. Minnie Pearl (Grand Old Opry Star) (5/1/1957)
  33. Ted Husing (Sports Announcer) (5/8/1957)
  34. Ruth Davis (Mother of Bette Davis) (5/15/1957)
  35. Dr. Lee De Forest (Inventor/Scientist) (5/22/1957)
  36. Thelma White (Vaudeville Star/Agent/Survived Serious Illness) (5/29/1957)
  37. Rachel Saint (Ecuador Missionary) (6/5/1957)
  38. Jesse L. Lasky (Pioneer Film Producer) (6/12/1957)
  39. Guy Gabaldon (Marine War Hero) (6/19/1957)
This Is Your Life - The Sixth Season
  1. Phil Harris (Film Star/TV Star/Musician) (9/25/1957)
  2. Vincent Tracy (Recovering Alcoholic/Founded Rehabilitation Center) (10/2/1957)
  3. Gladys Feldman (Braham Ex-Ziegfeld Girl) (10/9/1957)
  4. Frank Lovejoy (Radio/Film/TV Star) (10/16/1957)
  5. Giselle MacKenzie (Singer) (10/23/1957)
  6. Ronnie Deauville (Singer/Polio Victim) (11/6/1957)
  7. Billy Graham (Evangelist) (11/13/1957)
  8. Boris Karloff (Film Star) (11/20/1957)
  9. Marie Killilea (Cerebral Palsy Foundation Supporter/Daughter Afflicted by Disease) (12/4/1957)
  10. Dennis Weaver (TV Star) (12/11/1957)
  11. Lela Elliot (Christmas Family Reunion with Sons in Overseas Service) (12/18/1957)
  12. Ralph A. Edwards (Lonesome Lake Frontiersman) (12/25/1957)
  13. Dr. Sue Sikking (Accident Victim / Unity Minister) (1/1/1958)
  14. Jimmy Gleason (Film Star) (1/8/1958)
  15. Ida Lupino (Film Star/TV Star) (1/15/1958)
  16. Randall Harris (War Hero/Teacher) (1/22/1958)
  17. Frances Farmer (Film Star/Nervous Breakdown) (1/29/1958)
  18. Dr. Dennis Branch (Tennessee Doctor's Triumph Over Prejudice and Ignorance) (2/5/1958)
  19. Jesse Stuart (Author/ Heart Attack Victim/American Heart Association Spokesman) (2/12/1958)
  20. Helen Kane (Stage Star/Creator of "Boop-Boop-A-Doop") (2/19/1958)
  21. Martha Smith (Overcame Lifetime of Adversity) (2/26/1958)
  22. Belden Paulson (Formed Organization to Assist Italian Refugees) (3/5/1958)
  23. Ben Alexander (Child Film Star) (3/12/1958)
  24. Harry Warren (Song Writer) (3/19/1958)
  25. Donna Reed (Film Star/TV Star) (3/26/1958)
  26. Felix McCool (Marine War Hero) (4/2/1958)
  27. Neil Schaffner (Tent Show Impresario) (4/9/1958)
  28. Roberta Sherwood (Singer) (4/16/1958)
  29. Jessie Steward (Double Amputee/Model) (4/23/1958)
  30. Father Bernard Hubbard (Glacier Priest) (4/30/1958)
  31. Casey Tibbs (Rodeo Champion) (5/7/1958)
  32. Hugh Bentley (Citizen Against Vice/Hometown Clean-Up) (5/14/1958)
  33. Harry Momita (Japanese Immigrant/Unwavering Devotion to USA) (5/21/1958)
  34. Kirk Douglas (Film Star) (5/28/1958)
  35. Conrad Hilton (Hotel Magnate) (6/4/1958)
  36. Harvey L. "Mike" Fetters (Iowa Mailman) (6/11/1958)
  37. Leo Seligman (Criminal Rehabilitation) (6/18/1958)
  38. James Garner (TV Star) (6/25/1958)
This Is Your Life - The Seventh Season
  1. Steve Allen (TV Personality) (9/24/1958)
  2. Roy Campanella (Paralyzed Baseball Player) (10/1/1958)
  3. Mrs. Alfred Abeles ("Mother" to Displaced Refugees) (10/8/1958)
  4. Eddie Albert (Film/Stage/TV Star/Singer) (10/15/1958)
  5. Chester Gould (Creator of "Dick Tracy") (10/22/1958)
  6. Mrs. Olga Little (Denver Pioneer) (10/29/1958)
  7. Colonel Tim McCoy (Western Star) (11/5/1958)
  8. Colleen Townsend (Gave Up Film Career for Church Work) (11/12/1958)
  9. Sadie Glommen (Mother of Seven in Military Service) (11/19/1958)
  10. Jim Backus (Radio/Film Star/Voice of "Mr. Magoo") (11/26/1958)
  11. Rear Admiral Samuel G. Fuqua (Pearl Harbor Hero) (12/3/1958)
  12. Lauritz Melchior (Operatic Tenor) (12/10/1958)
  13. Coy and Goldie Watson (Silent Film Pioneers/Large Family) (12/17/1958)
  14. Danny Davey (UPS Driver/Aids Indians) (12/24/1958)
  15. Marie Wilson (Comedienne/Humanitarian) (12/31/1958)
  16. General Carlos Romulo (Philippine War Hero/Statesman) (1/7/1959)
  17. Harry and Allison Neal (Concert Pianists/Traveling By Bus) (1/14/1959)
  18. Jimmie Rodgers (Singer) (1/21/1959)
  19. Robb White (Writer/Bought and Lived On Tropical Island) (1/28/1959)
  20. Justice William E. Powers (Blind Rhode Island Supreme Court Judge) (2/4/1959)
  21. Desmond Doss (War Hero/Conscientious Objector) (2/18/1959)
  22. Zaddie Bunker (Flying great-grandmother) (2/25/1959)
  23. Ted Lewis (Entertainer) (3/4/1959)
  24. Colonel Serge Obolensky (Russian Expatriate/OSS Officer) (3/11/1959)
  25. Dr. Caleb Chu (Chinese Doctor in Kentucky) (3/18/1959)
  26. Dr. Mungai Njoroge (African Doctor) (3/25/1959)
  27. Ann Blyth (Film Star) (4/1/1959)
  28. Roger Williams (Pianist/Composer) (4/8/1959)
  29. Leo Carrillo (Stage/Film/TV Star With Ancestral Ties to History of California) (4/15/1959)
  30. Dr. Max Nussbaum (German Rabbi Who Resisted Nazis) (4/22/1959)
  31. Sidonie Flacco (Cured of Cancer) (4/29/1959)
  32. Major General Holger Nelson Toftoy (Pioneered US Missile Program) (5/13/1959)
  33. Janet Blair (Film Star/TV Star) (5/20/1959)
  34. William H. Young (Private Detective) (5/27/1959)
  35. Lieutenant James Obenauf (Air Force Hero) (6/3/1959)
  36. Frank Capra (Film Director) (6/10/1959)
  37. Lucille Warnecke (Polio Victim/Adopted Japanese Children) (6/17/1959)
  38. Dick Clark (Disc Jockey) (6/24/1959)
This Is Your Life - The Eighth Season
  1. Lowell Thomas (Author/Traveler/Radio Personality) (9/30/1959)
  2. Calla Varner (Educator) (10/7/1959)
  3. Archie Moore (World Light-Heavyweight Champion) (10/14/1959)
  4. Mira Slovak (Czechoslovakian Pilot/Escaped Iron Curtain) (10/21/1959)
  5. Charlie Ruggles (Film Star) (10/28/1959)
  6. Count Felix Von Luckner (WWI German Naval officer & adventurer) (11/4/1959)
  7. Dr. Thomas A. Dooley (Doctor/Humanitarian Efforts in South Viet Nam) (11/18/1959)
  8. Bill Stern (Sportscaster Who Overcame Narcotics Addiction) (11/25/1959)
  9. Bobby Darin (Singer) (12/2/1959)
  10. Florence Anderson (Wardrobe Mistress) (12/9/1959)
  11. Selma Herbert (WAC Major) (12/16/1959)
  12. Bill Pozonel (Yugoslav Refugee/Eight Year Struggle to Enter U.S.A.) (12/23/1959)
  13. Carolyn Jones (Film Star/TV Star) (12/30/1959)
  14. Nat King Cole (Singer) (1/6/1960)
  15. Dr. Martin Palmer (Pioneer Speech Pathologist) (1/13/1960)
  16. Don McNeill (Radio Personality) (1/20/1960)
  17. Karen Rogers (Teenage Polio Victim) (1/27/1960)
  18. Stephen Boyd (Film Star) (2/3/1960)
  19. William Kirk (Humanitarian/Head of International Social Service Organization) (2/10/1960)
  20. Johnny Longden (Jockey) (2/17/1960)
  21. Mervyn LeRoy (Motion Picture Producer/Director) (3/2/1960)
  22. Harry Blackstone (Magician) (3/9/1960)
  23. Toni Lee Scott (Singer/Amputee) (3/16/1960)
  24. Carl Reiner (TV Star/Writer) (3/23/1960)
  25. Billy Barty (Film Star/TV Star/Little Person) (3/30/1960)
  26. Devere Frank Baker (Mormon Adventurer/Sailed Raft to Hawaii) (4/6/1960)
  27. Oscar Howe (Native American Artist) (4/13/1960)
  28. Rossano Brazzi (Film Star) (4/20/1960)
  29. Jesse Owens (Olympic Gold Medalist) (4/27/1960)
  30. Betty Hahn (Mother Who Overcame Adversity) (5/4/1960)
  31. Alexander MacIvor (War Hero) (5/11/1960)
  32. Ken Murray (Stage, Film & TV Comedian) (5/18/1960)
  33. Bea Knight (Breeder of Champion St. Bernards) (6/1/1960)
  34. Tony Pastor (Musician/Singer) (6/8/1960)
  35. Charles Boswell (Blind Golfer) (6/15/1960)
  36. Frank Brocato (Chief Collector For Marineland of the Pacific) (6/22/1960)
  37. Charles Coburn (Film Star) (6/29/1960)
This Is Your Life - The Ninth Season
  1. Maria Spirtos (Greek Immigrant/Ohio's Mother of America 1958/Lifetime of Hardships) (9/25/1960)
  2. Hans Mauch (Ice Follies Skating Star: "Frack" of "Frick & Frack") (10/2/1960)
  3. Dr. Richard Ricklefs (Rural Doctor in Northern California) (10/9/1960)
  4. Frankie Vaughn (Singer) (10/16/1960)
  5. Joe Louis (Former World Heavyweight Champion) (10/23/1960)
  6. Cliff Arquette (TV Personality) (10/30/1960)
  7. Reverend Clinton H. Goodwin (Ex-Convict Turned Minister) (11/6/1960)
  8. William Butler (Assistant Chief Ranger at Mt. Ranier National Park) (11/13/1960)
  9. Archbishop Bernard J. Sheil (Founder of Catholic Youth Organization) (11/20/1960)
  10. Robert Stack (Film Star/TV Star) (11/27/1960)
  11. Johnny Grant (Disc Jockey/Mayor of Hollywood) (12/11/1960)
  12. Jayne Mansfield (Film Star) (12/18/1960)
  13. Frank L. Bogart (Railroad Conductor) (12/25/1960)
  14. Norman Alley (Photographer) (1/1/1961)
  15. William Frawley (Film Star/TV Star) (1/8/1961)
  16. Connie Francis (Singer) (1/15/1961)
  17. Robert Horton (TV Star) (1/22/1961)
  18. Benny Hochman (Polish Displaced Person) (1/29/1961)
  19. Ole Olsen (Comedian) (2/5/1961)
  20. Peter Palmer (Film Star) (2/12/1961)
  21. Richard Arlen (Film Star) (2/19/1961)
  22. Lenore Conn (Ham Radio Operator) (2/26/1961)
  23. Dr. Edmond Souchon (New Orleans Doctor/Jazz Musician) (3/5/1961)
  24. Judge Burch Donahue (Judge/Polio Victim) (3/12/1961)
  25. Sara Veffer (Hid from Nazis 1000 Days in One Room) (3/19/1961)
  26. Debbie Reynolds (Film Star) (3/26/1961)
  27. Harry Ruby (Song Writer) (4/2/1961)
  28. Dr. Bob Pierce (Founded "World Vision" Aid Organization) (4/9/1961)
  29. Hermione Gingold (British Comedienne/Stage/Film/TV) (4/23/1961)
  30. Dale Robertson (Film Star/TV Star) (4/30/1961)
  31. Father James G. Jones (Founder of a Half Way House for Convicts) (5/7/1961)
  32. Lillian Kinkela Keil (War Nurse) (5/14/1961)
  33. Carey Orr (Cartoonist) (5/21/1961)
  34. Rafer Johnson (Olympic Gold Medalist) (5/28/1961)
  35. Joseph A. Walker (Test Pilot) (6/4/1961)
  36. Dave Chasen (Restaurateur) (6/11/1961)
  37. Jackson Wheeler Jr. (Young Adventurer) (6/18/1961)

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