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That 70s Show was a 30 minute situation comedy series on the FOX Network about a group of high school students and their families and friends. It takes place in the state of Wisconsin in the mid 1970s. Jokes run rampant about some of the more colorfull aspects of that time period. Disco, leisure suits and drug usage are amoung the many topics ridiculed. Of course, all of the typical teen subjects are covered such as dating, sexual relations, acne and many more.

That 70s Show Cast

Mila Kunis .... Jackie Burkhart
Danny Masterson .... Steven Hyde
Laura Prepon .... Donna Pinciotti
Wilmer Valderrama .... Fez
Ashton Kutcher .... Michael Kelso
Topher Grace .... Eric Forman
Kurtwood Smith .... Reginald "Red" Forman
Debra Jo Rupp .... Kitty Forman
Don Stark .... Bob Pinciotti
Tanya Roberts .... Midge Pinciotti
Tommy Chong .... Leo (1999-2006)
Lisa Robin Kelly .... Laurie Forman (1998-2003)

That 70s Show Trivia

The cast and the producers of That 70s Show wanted to make the show realistic by showing pot smoking without actually showing the cast smoking marijuana so they came up with the "circle" sequences where the teens were shown saying stupid stuff in a smoke-filled basement. Going from one of them to the next simulated "passing a joint" without ever actually showing one.

That 70s Show was originally titled, "Teenage Wasteland" but the named was changed to, "That 70s Show" prior to FOX's airing of the first episode.

The bride and the bridesmaids in episode #41, "The First Time" had all previously appeared in James Bond movies.

The Fox Network introduced several sitcoms in the 1998/99 season but this was the only one to make it to a second season (that is unless you count "King of the Hill" which actually began mid-season in January of 1999).

We know that Donna has at least two sisters. One named "Valerie" was mentioned in episode #2, "Eric's Birthday" but never seen. Another sister, Tina, actually appeared in episode #5, "Eric's Burger Job," but only that one time. Neither one was every even mentioned again.

Fez only mentioned his real name one time on That 70s Show. We didn't get to hear what he was saying as the school bell rang while he was saying it. We know it was a very long name by the amount of time that Fez was speaking. Also, Hyde said, "We'll never be able to remember that. I'll just call you Fez." There's no mystery to be discovered here however. Wilmer Valderrama who plays Fez was actually reciting the first names of all the Cast. "Fes(z) was used on the show as an acronym for "foreign exchange student".

Ashton Kutcher told the producers at FOX that he would need to know whether he had been cast as Michael Kelso by 3:45 PM on the day he read for the part. He already had an offer for a series called, "Wind On The Water" and had to let NBC know whether he would accept that role by 4 PM. He really didn't want that role as he would have been playing a surfing cowboy! Luckily, he was cast as Kelso. "Wind On The Water" only lasted two episodes!

The fifth season episodes are all named after Led Zeppelin song titles!

That 70s Show could really have benefited from a research team! There have been so many historical and other errors that they are really too numerous to mention them all here! Here are a few: In a couple of episodes, Kitty eats Ralph's Supermarket ice cream. Ralph's supermarkets are only located in California and Nevada, there are none in Wisconsin. Kelso wore a t-shirt with the phrase, "Go Ahead, Make My Day" on it from the movie, "Sudden Impact" which wasn't seen in theaters until 1983! The license plate at the end of That 70s Show's opening credits is yellow with black letters. Wisconsin plates were actually white with red letters. Characters were often seen drinking soda or beer from "flip-top" cans which did not exist at the time. In episode #74, "Canadian Road Trip", they really messed up! When they arrived at the border a road sign misspelled "Winnepeg"; they sing a line from the song, "O Canada" that wasn't added until 1981; and there's a map that shows "Nunavut Territory" which didn't become a territory until 1999. In episode #111, "Over The Hills And Far Away", a sign reads "Home of the Golden Eagles". The team was actually called the "Marquette Warriors" until 1995.

Mila Kunis moved from Ukraine to Los Angeles when she was seven years old. She says that she learned to speak English by watching "The Price Is Right" on television because Bob Barker spoke slow enough for her to understand. While she was cast as a high school student on the show, she was actually only 14 years old when filming began.

Kelso got a 1965 Dodge A-100 van on episode #27, "Red's Last Day" as a gift from his uncle. He called it his "Shaggin Wagon"! Later he got a Volkswagen Samba Bus that fell over the side of "Mount Hump" in episode #141, "I Can See For Miles", and then he drove an MG Midget sports car!

Danny Masterson often drops in on several Los Angeles nightclubs to DJ for the evening. When he does so, he uses the name, "DJ DonkeyPunch".

Tanya Roberts grew up in the Bronx. It took her five years of voice training to get rid of her accent! Most of today's viewers remember Tanya from her role as "Sheena" on the 1984 TV series of the same name. Some of us also fondly remember her as Julie Rogers, the last "Angel" to join the cast of "Charlie's Angels (1976).

Unlike many actors who were born outside the USA and moved here, Wilmer Valderrama was born in Miami, Florida and moved to Venezuela at the age of three.

Kurtwood Smith has been cast as three different "Star Trek" characters. He played the "Federation President" in the movie, "Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991)", "Thrax" on "Star Trek Deep Space Nine (1993)" in the episode titled, "Things Past" and "Annorax" in the 2-part episode of "Star Trek Voyager (1995) titled, "Year Of Hell".

That 70s Show Theme Song

Title: "That 70s Show Theme"

Written By: "Chris Bell" & "Alex Chilton"

Performed By: "Cheap Trick"

Hangin' out
Down the street
The same old thing
We did last week.

Not a thing to do
But talk to you

Hello Wisconsin!

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