Team Knight Rider

Team Knight Rider Cast

Series Description

Team Knight Rider was a 60 minute action/sci-fi series on ABC. Years after Michael Knight and K.I.T.T. (From the Knight Rider TV show), the Foundation for Law and Government expanded their operations to a team of five crime fighters armed with artificially intelligent "super-vehicles" to hunt down dangerous criminals!

Team Knight Rider Cast

Brixton Karnes .... Kyle Stewart
Christine Steel .... Jennifer "Jenny" Andrews
Kathy Trageser .... Erica West
Duane Davis .... Duke DePalma
Nick Wechsler .... Kevin "Trek" Sanders
Tom Kane .... Dante
Nia Vardalos .... Domino
Kerrigan Mahan .... Beast
John Kassir .... Plato
Andrea Beutner .... Kat
Vince Waldron .... Gil
Rick Copp .... Clayton
Linda McCullough .... Skyone Computer

Team Knight Rider Opening Narrative

"Ten years ago, all it took was one man, and one car, to get the job done. Now, the Foundation for Law and Government has assembled five highly skilled operatives, and paired them with the most advanced state-of-the-art vehicles, to take on a new breed of outlaw. They are...TEAM KNIGHT RIDER."

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Team Knight Rider - The First And Only Season

  1. Fallen Nation (10/7/1997)
  2. The Magnificent T.K.R. (10/14/1997)
  3. The A-List (10/21/1997)
  4. K.R.O (10/28/1997)
  5. Inside Traitor (11/4/1997)
  6. Choctaw L-9 (11/11/1997)
  7. Everything To Fear (11/18/1997)
  8. Sky One (11/25/1997)
  9. Iron Maiden (12/1/1997)
  10. Oil & Water (12/8/1997)
  11. Et Tu Dante (1/5/1997)
  12. The Bad Seed (1/12/1998)
  13. Out Of The Past (1/19/1998)
  14. The Return Of Megaman (1/26/1998)
  15. Angels In Chains (2/2/1998)
  16. The Blonde Woman (2/9/1998)
  17. The Ixtafa Affair (2/16/1998)
  18. Home Away From Home ( 2/23/1998)
  19. E.M.P. (5/2/1998)
  20. Apocalypse Maybe (5/9/1998)
  21. Spy Girls (5/16/1998)
  22. Legion Of Doom (5/23/1998)
  23. The Bad Seed (5/30/1998)

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