Tales of the Vikings

Tales of the Vikings Cast

Series Description

The Tales of the Vikings TV show was a 30 minute Canadian action/adventure series that aired in syndication. It was about the legendary Leif Ericson and his 10th century seagoing warriors engaged in one exciting adventure of conquest after another.

Tales of the Vikings Cast

Jerome Courtland .... Leif Ericson
Stefan Schnabel .... Firebeard
Walter Barnes .... Finn
June Thorburn .... Jessica
Peter Bull .... Haldar
Buddy Baer .... Viking Crewman

Tales of the Vikings Theme Song Lyrics

From out of the North like an icy wind
Came Odin's fair warriors breed

With broadaxe and spear they followed a star
Adventure and glory their need

They conquered the seas in their dragon ships
Fought bravely in many a land

For the Valkyrie maids will come for the man
Who dies with a sword in his hand

Tales of the Vikings Trivia

The Tales of the Vikings was filmed in Toronto, Ontario and was inspired by the 1958 blockbuster film, "The Vikings" that starred hollywood legends Kirk Douglas, Tony Curtis, Janet Leigh and Ernest Borgnine!

In order to keep production costs low and yet give the TV series a quality look, lots of footage from the movie was used on the show.

Buddy Baer was the younger brother of heavyweight boxing champion, Max Baer, Sr. and the uncle of Max Baer, Jr. who played the role of Jethro Bodine on the TV series, "The Beverly Hillbillies".

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

Note: Since Tales of the Vikings aired in syndication, air dates varied from one TV station to another during the 1959/1960 season.

  1. Saracen Gold
  2. The Weapon
  3. Pedigree
  4. The Ransom
  5. Journey To Bretland
  6. Victory Saga
  7. Shipwreck
  8. The Witch
  9. Banished Woman
  10. Return Of The Viking
  11. The Bread Of Life
  12. The Treasure
  13. Treasure of Erin
  14. The Black Stone
  15. The Madness
  16. Return of Aud
  17. Doom at the All-Thing
  18. House Divided
  19. The Oathbreaker
  20. Port of Thieves
  21. Cold Steel
  22. The Bowman
  23. The Dragon
  24. The Thing
  25. Blood Sacrifice
  26. A Marriage of State
  27. Days of Blood
  28. False Neighbor
  29. The Merchants of Venice
  30. The Shield
  31. The Noble Thrall
  32. The Voyage
  33. The Women
  34. The Diplomat
  35. Galley Slaves
  36. The Barbarian
  37. The Salt Mine
  38. The Mercenaries
  39. The Harem Dancer

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