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Swamp People is a 60 minute reality TV series on the History Channel that follows five teams of cajun alligator hunters each season. They have licenses to hunt a limited number of gators and only 30 days to fill their quota from the backwoods swamps of Louisiana. It's a risky career but it's what their ancestors have done for over 300 years. During the remainder of the year they either work jobs in other fields or they hunt and fish other creatures including crabs, crawfish, racoons, shrimp, squirrels and turtles.

Swamp People Cast

Pat Duke (Narrator 2010-)

Troy Landry (2010-)
Jacob Landry (2010-)
Junior Edwards (2010-)
William "Willie" Edwards (2010-)
Malcom McQuiston (2010-)
Joe LaFont (2010-)
Tommy Chauvin (2010-)
Bruce Mitchell (2010-)
Kristi Broussard (2012-)
Chase Landry (2012-)
Clint Landry (2012-)
Ron Methvin (2012-)
R.J. Molinere, Jr. (2011-)
Jay Paul Molinere (2011-)
Glenn Guist (2011-)
Austyn Yoches (2012-)
Blake MacDonald (2012-)
Randy Edwards (2010, 2012-)
Mitchell Guist (Deceased)
Ricky Phillips (2010-2011)
Liz Cavalier (2011)
Joab Gomez (2011)
Terral Evans (2011)
Mike Kliebert (2010)
Albert Knight (2010)
Kenwood Knight (2010)
Anthony Knight (2010)
T-Mike Kliebert (2010)

Swamp People Trivia

Alligator season begins in Louisiana on the first Wednesday of September and lasts for just 30 days.

Hunters get issued a certain number of tags each season that must be attached to each alligator they kill. When the tags are gone, their season is over. If they don't use all the tags within the 30 day hunting season, they are simply out of luck.

Often if they have time, hunters will save their last tag until they find a monster gator! American alligators can reach lengths of 14 1/2 feet and weigh over 1000 pounds!

Swamp People is shot on location in Loisiana's Atchafalaya River Basin.

Swamp People started out with a bang, making the History Channel the #1 most watched cable channel at 10pm with 3.1 million viewers! By the second season finale, the audience had grown to 5.5 million making Swamp People that night's #1 cable series and #2 even counting all other channels on television!

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