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Survivor: The Australian Outback Cast

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Series Description

Survivor: The Australian Outback was a 60 minute competitive reality series on CBS and the second of the Survivor series. Stranded in the rugged Australian outback, sixteen contestants had to survive mother nature with a very limited food supply. They also competed against each other for rewards and temporary immunity from dismissal from the competition. The last contestant on the island was the "Ultimate Survivor" and won One Million Dollars!

Australian Outback Cast

Jeff Probst (Host)
Tina Wesson (40-year-old Nurse) - Winner
Colby Donaldson (26-year-old Custom Auto Designer) - 2nd Place
Keith Famie (40-year-old Chef and Restaurateur) - 3rd Place
Elisabeth Filarski (23-year-old Footwear Designer)
Rodger Bingham (53-year-old Farmer and School Teacher)
Amber Brkich (22-year-old Administrative Assistant) - Eleventh Voted Off
Nick Brown (23-year-old Harvard Law student) - Tenth Voted Off
Jerri Manthey (30-year-old actress) - Ninth Voted Off
Alicia Calaway (32-year-old Personal Trainer) - Eighth Voted Off
Jeff Varner (34-year-old Internet Project Manager) - Seventh Voted Off
Michael Skupin (38-year-old - Software Publisher) - Sixth Off Due To Injury (see trivia)
Kimmi Kappenberg (28-year-old Bartender) - Fifth Voted Off
Mitchell Olson (23-year-old Singer/Songwriter) - Fourth Voted Off
Maralyn Hershey (52-year-old Retired Police Officer) - Third Voted Off
Kel Gleason (32-year-old Army Intelligence Officer) - Second Voted Off
Debb Eaton (45-year-old Corrections Officer) - First Voted Off

Australian Outback Trivia

The Survivor contestants arrived in the Outback on a DH-C4 Royal Australian Military plane.

The contestants were divided into two teams. "Kucha", which is the word for "kangaroo" in the local Aboriginal language and "Ogakor" which means "Crocodile".

The two tribes camps were located along the Herbert River in Northern Queensland. They were seperated by approximately 4 miles.

The final vote to determine the ultimate survivor was a close one! Tina got 4 votes and Colby got 3!

Many of the survivors felt that one of the main reasons that Tina deserved to win Survivor: The Australian Outback is because she convinced Colby to keep her with him in the final two. It was generally felt that Colby would have probably won against Keith. Several also felt that Tina had done the best of all the contestant at being a strong enough player to be spared being voted off but not so strong that she appeared to be a threat.

The tribal council where Mitchell Olson was voted off was really exciting! The first vote ended in a three-to-three tie between Olson and Keith Famie. They were both allowed to plead their case to their tribe members and then there was another vote, also ending in a tie. Well, the Survivor rules state that when that happens, the one with the greatest number of votes at previous tribal councils loses. That was Olson with one previous vote to Keith's zero! Close again! And that's not the whole story! The only reason there was a tie in the first place was because Colby decided to go against his alliance who had agreed to vote for Keith! Colby felt Keith was the stronger player and was needed by the team.

While sitting by his tribe's fire, Michael Skupin blew on it to make the fire grow and inhaled the toxic smoke. He passed out and fell into the flames. As he "came to" but was still confused, he pushed himself away out of the flames and burnt his hands severely. He ran to the water and jumped in to somewhat ease the pain but the burns were so bad that he had to be rushed off the show in a helicopter for emergency treatment. Thankfully, Michael seemed fully recovered at the Survivor: The Outback Reunion Special!

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

  1. Stranded (1/28/2001)
  2. Suspicion (2/1/2001)
  3. Trust No One (2/8/2001)
  4. The Killing Fields (2/15/2001)
  5. The Gloves Come Off (2/22/2001)
  6. Trial By Fire (3/1/2001)
  7. The Merge (3/8/2001)
  8. Friends? (3/14/2001)
  9. The First 24 Days: A Closer Look (3/21/2001)
  10. Honeymoon Or Not? (3/29/2001)
  11. Let's Make A Deal (4/5/2001)
  12. No Longer Just A Game (4/12/2001)
  13. Enough Is Enough (4/19/2001)
  14. The Final Four (4/26/2001)
  15. The Most Deserving (5/3/2001)
  16. Survivor: The Outback Reunion (5/3/2001)

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